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    Not the 'same old same old' Kinship

    I’m looking for partners in an RP kinship that is a somewhat novel approach; a loose knit association of players who wish to RP as if LOTRO actually was/is set in Tolkien’s Middle Earth, and don’t want to be constricted as to their mode of play (i.e. we’re not a military organization, trading company, outlaw band, musical ensemble, et. etc.)
    The idea is to be laid back, low maintenance, and egalitarian as to the kinship’s organization, but serious about RP and being in character in game (as a note, this does not preclude light hearted RP.) Think of it as a grassroots, co-operative kinship. Slavish adherence to Tolkien lore would not be expected, but a willingness and desire to maintain, to the extent possible, the ambience of Tolkien’s Middle Earth would be expected.

    Stonehearth Free Fellowship is an association of folk from all races, all locations, and all walks of life doing their best to get along in the years between Bilbo Baggins’ 111th birthday celebration and Frodo’s setting out for Rivendell with the Ring. The purpose of the fellowship is, quite simply, to provide aid, assistance, and fellowship to one another, whether it be providing goods and services in a co-op type arrangement, assisting each other on quests, or just gallivanting around Middle Earth in these dark and dangerous times.

    The time frame assumes that days are getting darker, travel is getting perilous, the Necromancer has long since been driven out of the Mirkwood but his taint still remains, Lothlorien’s borders are closed and closely guarded (exceptions would be elves, some Dunedain, and very trusted elf friends, i.e. anybody in the kinship) there are strange and unwholesome characters in Bree but no elves hangin’ out in the Pony getting drunk and looking to hook up (there would be no restrictions as to where one role plays, but elves would be expected to act like elves)

    Often in kinships you see new members and existing members ignoring each other simply because they have not yet met IC, and nobody bothers to introduce them to each other. Fellows of the Stonehearth Free Fellowship wear a small silver pin or brooch by which they can identify each other. As members of the fellowship it is an expected courtesy that you should introduce yourself when you come upon another fellow member.

    If this seems like something you are interested in, please contact me oocly in game, or via in game post.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    - Gwyndolwyn, Cathlynn

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    The Stonehearth Free Fellowship is officially 'franchised' on Laurelin. Our fledgling website, spartan as it is, has some basic info about the kinship.

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