(((If you haven't completed Eastern Rohan, SPOILERS AHEAD!)))

While leveling my Mini through Cliving last year I like many of us was left quite uncomfortable with the results of the "Interrogating the Suspects" quest line. At the end of it you are left with the feeling that you have put an innocent person disgraced and behind bars. After completing the rest of the Eastemnet and the long grind of Hytbold you are finally relieved of the discomfort by the resolution at Hytbold's final quests.

Now my LM has just completed Cliving with the same bad taste in his mouth. He however is never going to spend 10 weeks grinding Hytbold. He is already level 86 and has gotten green armor drops that already blow away the Hytbold reward armor. Now that i think of it I find it hard to imagine anybody EVER completing Hytbold now that it is not at cap. I'll probably do the Snowbourn rep quests to get to Kindred for the "return" skill.

This leaves what is to me a disturbing loose end. Do others feel as I do or am I just being neurotic?