I loged in found the game actually refreshing compared to some of the newer so called better mmos. A few things I would like to ask. First do champions still get a two handed weapon skill? Or did they make the weapon skills simple for each class? The other is, is crafting still a complex but fun part of the game, that makes you feel like you are in the Lord of the Rings world? The reason I decided to post was the info I read said champions had two handed weapon skills, yet on my character he did not. Also on the champion trainer I did not see any new weapon skills for the future. Keep in mind the last time I actually played Lord of the rings online, I only finished the starting dwarf area. So there is a good bit I probably do not know. At this point, with respect and no insult intended, if I am going to play the game I want to make sure it has not been dumbed down like so many other mmos. Thank you for any help you can give.