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    The Battle of the Five Armies, a BBB moving picture [LANDROVAL]

    Calling all hands on deck, calling all hands on deck. BBB's next video is about the Battle of the Five Armies, and we need to shoot a big battle scene. Go figure, huh?

    When: 5th January, 12 pm server time.
    Where: In the Moors, we hope. We are trying to arrange a cooperative freeps/creeps shoot. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.
    Who: Everybody is needed, although hobbits will have to pretend to be dwarfs (just wear a big helmet). If you have a creep then they'll be used as well. You may have to switch characters a bit.

    There will be a little bit of fighting involved, although probably not all that much. Mostly it'll be lining up, cheering, charging, etc. It's absolutely NOT an exercise in PvP combat, as that would ruin the shoot. So even if you hate PvMP combat, you can still participate.

    I hope many of you can make it for that day.

    Aegthil's Fool

    Here's some guidelines for costumes - feel free to contact Beorbrand in game if you need help! I'll be getting a few items for certain scenes.

    Men - Men in leather, furs, and cloaks, browns and greens, bearing swords and spears
    Forest Elves - Longsleeved elven outfits, white, silver, grey, greens, swords & spears, branch hat things
    Dwarves - Gleaming metal armor, axes, gold and silver, leather, animal furs, large packs (cook's trappings, etc. for non-combat scenes only.)

    Orcs - Unkempt, smelly
    Wargs - Unkempt, smelly, no hawtpants please

    Thorin - Gori - I'll contact you in-game.
    Bard - Laonikis - Ditto.
    Bilbo - Tom - See above.
    Thranduil - Zalddor - Etc.

    Beorbrand's PB

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    Hello everyone,

    We'll be doing a shoot tomorrow at 1 pm /servertime in Ered Luin and other locations if we have time. We need dwarfs, elves, and men. Please shoot Beorbrand an in-game message for Ventrilo server info. Costume guidelines above. Hope you can make it!




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