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    Where are the shards?

    Newbie here. My primary character just reached 39th level. She's an Historian. I've noticed that so many of the unique recipes for her and my other characters call for shards of various sorts. They seem to be very thin on the ground as drops. I've done the Harloeg quests all the times I can to get sapphire shards. My latest alt character is a Tinker-I was hoping that at some point Jewellers could make gems into shards, but she's only finishing second tier Journeyman so it's obviously not at Expert level. A friend I regularly quest with has a Farmer who is way up there and she regularly gets shard drops using critical items, but my Scholar is only working on 1st-tier Westemnet at present and she has yet to ever get a shard drop. Any ideas on how to get more shards? Am I missing something?

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    Shards are supposed to be rare, they can drop either from crafting nodes (including farm fields) or from rare special named mobs, so called "shard droppers", that have a red-green mixed circle on their portrait (the latter are only available until tier 6, at tier 8/9 there is chance to get shards from warbands).
    Another option is to get them from the skirm camp crafting vendor for marks and medaillons.
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    In response to #2, T1-5 shards only need marks;

    OP, if you're having a hard time finding shards, 1 completed skirm (15-25 mins) will get you enough marks to purchase a shard.

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    Thank you, Grimdi, Drammall!

    I really haven't done anything with the skirmishes yet, so I'll definitely have to check that out! I figured they were important in some way.

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    In response to #2, T1-5 shards only need marks.
    There are no Tier 1 shards unless Turbine added them as part of Helms Deep. You got to be harvesting tier 2 nodes of higher to find shards. If you have the patience you can get shards from crop nodes that a farmer plants.

    Personally I would buy them Skirmish Marks.
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    Thanks to everyone who has clarified this for me! Sorry about the late response, but as you can tell from my new username, my account was irreparably glitched. I will definitely be giving the skirmishes a try-I'd sort of considered them something like the PvMP-just stuff that was extra for people who wanted to do it, but not particularly germane to my situation. I was very wrong.

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    The Emerald Shard are also purchased from the rep Vender in Helms Deep. At which I figure why the drop rate is so low.
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