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    Housing Chest problem with Unique items fixed but... there's another problem now

    Today was fixed the problem with the unique items dissapearing, unfortunately i was one of the persons affected since i opened my chest before the warnings we had hours later, but today i proceded to open my chests since it was fixed, my alts house were fine since i never opened those, but my main house which was the one affected now shows as 0 space available, prior the fix i had 60 slots, now it shows as i need to buy all again, should i send a ticket or this is going to be fixed?
    Geändert von zero-fer (22.11.2013 um 14:48 Uhr)

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    Sapience ist offline Former Community Manager & Harbinger of Soon
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    Please file a bug report.

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    Ok, thanks Sapience, i submitted a bug report, i hope i get my slots back.

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    This also has happened on two of my f2p alts that bought houses and chests last week but didn't put anything in them yet. Now it says I need to pay 1g for first 15 slots.

    I filed a bug report.

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    Same with me. I bought kinhouses and also deluxe houses before HD was put in game. Bought all the chests as well.
    I checked a couple of those just now, as I knew there was nothing at risk to lose since nothing had been put in the chests yet. There is zero space available.

    I thought any chest space purchased before HD was going to be grandfathered in? Is this incorrect, or did something in either the patch or the HD release itself not work right?

    I will file a bug report of course. Should I do it on every house I have? That would be a LOT of bug reports!
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    I've bugged it and put in a support request. This issue has also hit several of my kinmates. I certainly hope it will be fixed.
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    Ugh. I haven't been to my house since the update...

    Perhaps I should wait.

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    Unable to detach unique items from mail

    I can't seem to detach my replacement items from the mail. I've removed all other unique items from my inventory and still cannot detach them. Now what?

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    From a different thread:

    Zitat Zitat von Sapience Beitrag anzeigen
    We did a test of the restore system on Meneldor ONLY (just in case other people are wondering why they didn't get their items in the mail today) and we found that some items were getting stuck in this state. If you have an item like this that you cannot detach you can contact Customer Support and they can replace your 'stuck' item. The mail with the item will eventually be deleted by the system when the mail expires. You can safely ignore it.

    For anyone not on Meneldor, we won't be using the tool on any additional servers until we sort out this issue. Please know we're working on it and your items will be returned, but it's going to take a little bit longer than we anticipated.

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    Zitat Zitat von caeryl Beitrag anzeigen
    I can't seem to detach my replacement items from the mail. I've removed all other unique items from my inventory and still cannot detach them. Now what?
    You contact in game support if you have access to it. If you are lucky, they will give the items to you. Otherwise, no idea. Apparently, when some people on Meneldor asked for replacements they were told by the Game Masters "We will not do that for you.".
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