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    Prepping for Give Away!!

    Howdy folks!!! I'm Beeyoutifull. I'm saving up for my next big photo contest/give away. Be prepared for in-game spam and a lot of copy and past. I know it's a pain but everybody who participates, whether it be just as a donator or a contestant, seems to have plenty of fun and hey, last time we made it to the free peoples press!

    I wouldn't mind being the servers Secret Santa this winter. If you're interested in participating in this winters Secret Santa event, please feel free to keep reading. If not skip down to the next colored paragraph.

    -How I plan to participate to be your Secret Santa:
    ---I'll be as the messenger for those who do not wish to be revealed to the ones they are gifting.
    ---You can gift only 1 item at a time. OR just in-game gold. OR only 1 item and in-game gold.

    ---You must fill in the blanks:
    To whom you wish to send your gift:
    Do you wish to stay anonymous? (If not, include name of who is sending):
    Brief message to whom you are sending:

    ----Any items sent to me after the 26th to be gifted will be returned to sender immediately----

    Please be aware I do have my own events channel ./joinchannel bee-events . For those who refuse to use GLFF, every single one of my alts are in that channel so no matter which toon I'm on, you will be able to reach me from that channel. Or of course in glff. If you cannot reach me in-game from now til then you can reach my activity e-mail address at: tickle_tackler@yahoo.com I check it once a day usually.

    Seeing as my machine can't handle raiding I'll need to depend on those who can to donate any high quality items such as first-age symbols, relics, crests, etc etc. In-game gold donations are always welcome and all donators to Bee-Evens can be credited at YOUR request. Also looking into seeing if I can't get Turbine Point codes for some winners as well. Those as donations are still welcomed as well.

    Random hide and seek games will be still going on in the beginner areas (Bree-town, Shire, Thorins Hall). My riddles and rhymes will never be Shakespeare but it's interesting to make them up to say the least. I have a facebook page you can check in on every once in a while to see what has been going on event wise while I post them as they are happening: https://www.facebook.com/tickle.tackler?fref=ts

    Photo contest with they same rules will be in January 2014!! Suggestions on this up and coming contest and future contests to come are more than welcome!! The previous photo contest themes were: Halloween Costume, Matching Duo's, and Matching Steed and Rider. All photos entered in these contests are to be straight from the game no editing or filters. Only allowed edits are re-sizing and cropping.

    Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!!!




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    The spam will happen...





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