I tend to agree with Clepto....that the self-appointed arbiters of 1v1s, and moors play in general, seem a bit silly and self-righteous.

However, I also agree that sometimes using extra skills and such can tip the scales rather unevenly...but I would hypothesize that, amongst the more experienced players, the main difference between the "good" and "not as good" players is not that they don't know their class...but are clickers and can't move as effectively. I don't mouse-turn....hence the slug-like movement, so I use cc (and KO for ranked creeps sometimes) to stop my opponents from running all over the place. Merely a hypothesis.

For 1v1s, I don't usually have food/scrolls; and I certainly don't have any macros or plugins (is buffbars and such unfair for 1v1s? Dunno and don't really care)... I'm just a very slow-moving burg.

Ultimately, it varies depending on who you're playing... I can hit all cds against Shagger and still lose, so I don't see the need to rigidly police this as much as others, so long as it's fun and games ; )

Keep it funky y'all.