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    Kinships in Riddermark

    Hi. Im searching for active kinships in Riddermark, kinships with crafting officers, with a good group of people, with instance/skirmish activities, etc.
    If you have suggestions, please tell me, thanks!

    Olgomil :-)
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    Welcome to Riddermark!

    Our kin is always taking new people. We have lots of experienced players with lots of alts and crafters, very helpful folks too! If you're interested in joining with us, or wish to know more, feel free to send me a tell in-game. We almost always have several officers/guilded crafters logged in to help our kinnies..

    Whatever your choice, there are many friendly, helpful folks on this server, and lots of helpful kins.
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    Thank you for considering Haysward!

    Greetings, Olgomil,

    Thanks for the post, and thank-you for considering Haysward as your kinship of choice. One of the things that we believe strongly in is a social community and a crafting community. Over time, we have maintained the approach of flexible scheduling that is morphed/built around its members to enhance their gaming experience on LOTRO. Obviously, during server-wide Epics, the events focus is on Epic-related storyline but outside of Epics we will continue to create events that give our members (and kinship friends) opportunities to skirmish, raid, craft and pursue socialization together. We hope you enjoy your experience with us!

    All the best,


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    Grand 'Ole NY

    I am a little late to this thread

    My title says it all. Rings Anonymous is the largest network of players on Riddermark. Many weeks we have over 200 players login to play. Most of our players craft, and max their craft. We have a tight knit social community and many of the kindest officers you can find on any server. Most of all we all focus on helping you grow as a player rather than pushing you through level to level. What's the point of playing if you can't enjoy yourself on the journey?

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    Riders of the Riddermark

    Please visit our website to learn more about us, and we fit the criteria you stated quite well Look forward to seeing you in-game.





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