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Thema: Bossing noob

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    Bossing noob

    He do you get a house I haven't even played yet and do I have to spend tea money to get one

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    You can buy a house when you reach level 15 (or there about's). It is possible to buy a house with in game money gold, silver & bronze. You canalso use in game money to pay the maintenance. Free2P players have a cap on how much money they can have, but this can be removed using turbine points earned from deeds or bought for real money). Alternatively you can always join a kinship & use the kin house
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    To elaborate (slightly):

    There are four "Homesteads", each located (relatively) near to the four racial hubs. The each have houses designed in a racial "style", but are overall of similar size (for each size category).
    Each homestead has its own map, which exists simultaneously in many different "neighborhoods" - multiple instances within the homestead, allowing many, many people to get homes.

    You can get a Personal House, which can either be Standard or Deluxe.

    A Standard House costs 1 Gold to purchase, and 50 Silver per week maintenance (you can pay advance maintenance for up to an entire six months, money permitting).
    A Deluxe House costs 7.5 Gold to purchase, and 150 Silver per week to maintain.

    (Some specific homes will have lower or higher costs if they are in "desirable" locations within the housing map. It's usually about +/- 10%, which applies to both purchase and maintenance cost.)

    There is a third type, a Kinship House, for use by Kinships (guilds, clans, call them what you will) that have reached at least 3 months of age. These are veritable mansions, cost 15 gold to buy, and 300 silver per week's maintenance.

    You can have only ONE Personal House (belonging to you) and ONE Kinship House (belonging to the Kinship). This is shared by all characters you have on a single server. (Servers are completely and utterly separate - if you make characters on another server, they have to get their own house.)

    Houses DO have storage chests within them, but I will refrain from detailing these because it seems they are about to be revamped. (There is a thread on this very subforum that talks all about it.)

    The game WILL foreclose if you do not pay the maintenance cost, although I believe it allows a two-month "grace period" to give you a chance to pay up. If you do not, you lose the house, and any decorations or stored items get put into a special "Escrow storage". I believe it will sit in there forever, until you retrieve it, so the items should never be lost. But the house would be. You can re-purchase it (if someone else hasn't already), though.

    You can also "Abandon" a house, immediately forfeiting it (and dumping its contents into Escrow) - this is something you can do if you want a different house (maybe you want one of the other races' designs, or maybe you're ready to move out of a Standard House and get a Deluxe).

    I'm probably forgetting a few things - I know I didn't cover decorations, for example - but it's late, I'm tired, and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............

    Hope this helped though.
    (I should probably change this to a real sig now, but I'm busy playing LotRO.)




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