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    Warm greetings from Gondor

    Have a nice day, free People of Middle-Earth!

    I send you all, warm greetings from Gondor

    Im new here, I dont know any of you, dont know these lands - but I know one think:- In these dark days, we have to fight together. Hand in hand.
    It is only one way to win this war - our loyalty, friendship and help.

    I belive that dark days gone -and we will see peace in our lands...

    You can always count on me -and I belive all people from Gondor
    If we meet one day on roads, I will always help you. You can count on my weapon and my skills (and friendly soul)

    Good luck friends, be carefull

    PS , OOC - Im sorry for my nick on forum(roger777)-I cant change this-in Middle Earth call me- Bothomir
    PS2 - It is my next start to LOTRO - I was here long tme ago only for short moment. I hope stay here longer now. Dark days need more peopleSo, see you on roads, caves or Inn.
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    I would like say one more thing:
    Im impressed coummunity in Lotro. You are great - events, concert, friendly atmosphere. I wish I dont have more free times for be in Midle-Earth.

    To be honest - I don't have experience in Lotro ( a few times I started, always love this game, but dont have time)-and I always have the same feeling - fantastic world and people.
    I hope my next back here will be longer

    See you around friends, dont leave hope
    ps( reply to myself, funny
    Bothomir (Captain from Gondor)

    In these dark days, we have to fight hand in hand - all free people of Middle-Earth.
    It is our only hope...Belive in light in our hearts...

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    Hello, and warm greetings from Rohan! Granted, you've actually probably been on Laurelin longer than I have, because I've been in it for all of three days.

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    Hail and well met Bothomir

    _.: The adventures of Ceowyn Ostil - Shield Maiden :._




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