Eloquence, Poise, Respectability.

These are but a sample of the words that can describe the newest High Chieftain to Elendilmir.

Demonio is a kind natured soul, one of which I've had a pleasure to play alongside and against. His ability to welcome, and advise all greenies is truly a quality to be admired.

His skill as a player is often forgotten throughout his dedication to assisting those new to the game. Be it within one vs one circles, to even collecting quest mats, Demonio is always there to help, assist and nurture.

It is thus that i can speak with the entirety of the server by my side in expressing my profound congratulations.

And finally, a thank you note from one that Demonio has assisted the most of recent times; Calithin.

hi, im vry srs wen i say that demonio is the most helpful and kindest of all reavers in middle earth. he more than anyother shuwn to me the basics of champison and has enabred me to succed all rund.

-Such sweet words, for the one who has been the sweetest of all, to all of us.

Well done, my friend.