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    Should I buy Mirkwood now or wait?

    Hi all,

    Was hoping for some advice from anyone who can remember if Mirkwood has ever been on a better store sale than 20% off.
    My highest char is 55 and she's just starting Moria and I level slowly so I can buy Mirkwood now in anticipation of eventually using it but if there is a chance it will be on a better sale probably in the next 6 months I might wait. Anyone got thoughts for me?


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    It's seldom more than 20% off. Sure it can happen, but sales featuring expansions at more than 20% off are rare.

    The question then is really in two steps:

    Mirkwood is a pretty small expansion, and the stuff that I personally find most engaging in it (the Skirmishes) are free with the epic. I understand the instances are relatively popular, though? Enedwaith covers the same level range.

    Question 1 - Should I even buy Mirkwood? This will depend on things like "Do I want all content eventually; Do I like dark and gloomy areas; Do I have Enedwaith already" etc.
    If Yes, then:
    Question 2 - How should I buy Mirkwood? With TP - then buy now on sale! However, there's also the Expansion Quad-pack giving the full expansions of Moria, Mirkwood, Isengard and (eastern) Rohan ($40 full price, available at $20 if purchased together with a Helm's Deep prepurchase).

    If you can spend real money on it, the Quad-pack is probably your best deal. Assuming you already have the full Moria Expansion and not just the quest pack, you can see it as purchasing RoI and RoR and getting Mirkwood for free If you only have the Moria quest pack instead of the expansion (and thus don't have the extra classes etc) it's even better.

    I am however myself a player that usually can't actually spend any real money on games, so for me it's pretty much TP or nothing.

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    I do eventually want to have access to all quests in game so I do want to buy Mirkwood but you have definitely raised an interesting idea.

    Where does it say the quad pack is only $20 if you prepurchase Helm's Deep? I haven't seen that anywhere before.

    Also, does anyone know if you buy the quad pack do you get one code which activates all four expansions or do you get 4 codes, 1 for each so that I could actually use the Moria on a second account?




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