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    Looking for a UI Plugin!

    Hi guys, i 'v searched and didn't found anything pleasing to my eyes , i'm looking for a UI Plugin able to "resize" and re-design the UI of my game

    I play on a 1300 x 768 screen and if i get 5 ppl in a fellowship i stop being able to click on them at the bar of their HP, the chat ocuppys to much space, the health bars, i always have to change my pet bar! and i find it very hard to organize so i would like to see a plugin that would follow a standard way to organize space...

    if anyone is able to provide-me any help, i would apreciate.

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    You don't need a plugin - the UI is scaleable and moveable by default!

    To resize them, go into Options > UI settings, and at the bottom there are sliders for the different elements (for panels and the chatbox, just drag at the top to move it and drag any edge or corner to resize it). The higher the number, the bigger it is on your UI and the more space it takes up. The smaller the number, the less space it takes, but the harder it is to see or click on. They are all defaulted to 1.00, and can go between 0.40 and 3.00. Adjust these until you feel comfortable with where they are and how big or small they are. Note: you may want to leave some space for plugins and such, if you plan on using any.
    Taken from http://cstm.mymiddleearth.com/2013/01/ui-guide-part-1/
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