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    Thanks, my head hurts already from bumbing into all those trees and rocks.
    Yeah, I agree. And it's very disconcerting for me to have missing parts of the landscape. As someone who is never lost in this game, having so many textures missing is very disorienting for me.

    Very, very glad to see the fix is coming. I'm taking a kinmate through Moria for the first time ever and it's hard enough for her with all the bridges and twisting paths without having parts of those missing as well. If I didn't know where things actually were, it would be a nightmare.
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    Also wanted to say thanks for the info and the update. I haven't experienced a lot of invisible textures but am glad to see a fix coming for this. So you guys must have gotten that prototype cloaking device back from Sauron. Sent in your best burglar didn't you. Thanks again.

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    Definitely agree. It's a huge pain in the ### to have trees...and buildings, and rocks, and fences, and logs, and houses, and carts, and bushes, and the other 900 variations of those things literally show up when you're inside of them.

    Nothing like running across an open field trying to get away and getting stuck in the air.

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    So glad to see a fix coming, thanks for the info! I tried to do the Northcotton market quests on a new alt today and wow, it's hard to run around a maze when you can't see where the walls are! Empty fields everywhere and no idea how to get to them because there was always an invisible hedge or house or something in the way.

    But at least I have some awesome screenshots of all the weirdness in case I ever decide to write the tales of The Gravity-Defying Mid-Air Adventures of Middle-earth.


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