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    Looking for a Kinship...

    Baknd ghelekh,

    A dwarf guardian (lvl 47 - only one character) is looking for a kin, anything but heavy RP. The reason behind are real life obligations and heavy RPing just doesnt suit my situation. I also dont feel comfortable in kinships where learders force everyone to attend every possible event, I like events to be optional. Normally I keep myself alone but like to have a chat, group instance or RP event from time time. Dont mind helping others when I am not actually playing with my wife shouting at me from the kitchen or while being borred with deeds progress. Looking for a bunch of folks that understand real life obligations and will undertand a need for an occasional AFK. It would be great if the kin do also old content, old instances and old raids.

    I stoped playing LOTRO shortly after mirkwood so few years break with the game but I was a kinship founder and leader before and I understand most of the rules when it comes to the MMO playstyle.

    BTW. now I just want to be a regular trooper that will smash, bash and follow the leader for the glory of the Blue Mountains.

    Thank you for your attention
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    The kinship called Durins Folk are nicely active and from what i have seen are a very nice dwarven kinship.

    Here is a link to the homepage of their website.


    I hope that helps.


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    Thank you,

    Indded, I notoiced these guys running around and I like their theme but I have a feeling that they are heavy RP kin. Anyone from DF can confirm or discard my assumption?

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    New England

    Here's your anyone from Durin's Folk!

    Durin's Folk is indeed a Heavy RP kinship -- but in this way: we encourage all our members to RP. Not everyone does so on a regular basis, and some of us are new to it. We have a core of about twenty or more folks who RP regularly. With this level of activity, there's no pressure to be active -- unless you want to be. Many of our players are mature and have full lives, and experience lots of AFKs. We always affirm and respect that real life comes first - Thadulur kuthu barufizu oshmâkha ra tûm fulz muneb meregizu!

    But all our events (including skirmishes and group deeding, etc) are in RP mode. But that being said, fellowship chat is OOC, and our IC kin chat is littered with bracketed OOC comments. All our events are optional. The only one we require for full membership is one Sunday kin meeting after at least two weeks of being a recruit... For your IC swearing in.

    We do all sorts of instances, including things like the Rift, GA, Moria instances, and Sarnur...
    You'd have a lot of company with the host of troopers in shiny armour which Durin's Folk seems to attract.

    I don't think your kind of presence would be unusual, and your company would always be welcome. Give me a ping or send me a note in-game if you'd like to know more.

    -- Raggolgrimbob 'Bob'
    Tamaren of Andúnië (Thonriel on Landroval)
    Raggolgrimbob of the Rolling Kegs

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    Hi there zawiedzony,

    Judging by your play style and family commitments I think you'd fit perfectly with us in The Grey Guard. You're more than welcome to come join us.

    Have a look at our website and see what you think.


    Best regards,
    [CENTER][B][I]Eiadric - Guardian
    The Grey Guard




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