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    Cannot buy VIP?

    Any reason why I cannot purchases VIP anymore?

    I tried to update my card details however it just comes up with

    "The system was unable to update your billing information. Please verify your billing information and try again later. If you continue to experience this error, you may wish to try another credit card or contact your issuing bank. To request further assistance, please visit support.turbine.com."

    My card is fine and I've sent a ticket to support but anyone else have any other ideas?
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    I assume the problem is the following:

    In the billing system they had the US postal/ZIP codes in mind which are 5 digits. Most of Europe's postal codes are 4 digits. So the workaround is to add an extra 0 in front of your original postal/ZIP code and update your card information like that.

    Hopefully that will work for you too
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    Also if you are using for example Visa Elektron Card ( have no clue what that kind of card is called elsewhere.. )
    When you get to choose what kind of a card you are using, don't pick Visa, try something else, there has been a bug with that for a long time...
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