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    [Silverlode] Level 20 Spar Tournament!

    Level 20 Spar Tournament!

    That's right ladies and gentlemen!
    Spread the word!

    Level 20 Free People Spar Tourney!

    Who: Everybody! It's level 20....you can level that in 2 hours!

    Where: Anywhere! Fight on top of South Bree Auction House! Fight on Weathertop! Venture your way to Rivendell and fight in the waterfalls! It's on Silverlode though so make a new toon if already on server, or maybe its time to use up a slot on server you've never done to!

    When: It's Dynamic! After I get feedback I will make random brackets. There will be a few weeks span to complete your matches and give me outputs so I can update the board.

    Why? Because I'm bored...and am sure everybody else is bored waiting for this gigantic nerf called Helms Deep.

    What? That's right.....use a empty character slot. Create a class of your choice. One you know, one you don't, one you think you'd never even touch, one you'd like to replay again!
    Level him/her to 20. Deck him/her out in cool purple level 14 or 16 or whatever armour and jewelry. Grab some consumables! Grab some food! Hell, grab some scrolls and hope tokens!

    Uh....what? Each match will be best of 3. Both participants must bring a 3rd party observer to witness so I don't have to be online all day to watch people beat eachother with level 18 daggers. Both participants will send a ingame mail to (Melywen) so I can update brackets and you will know your next opponent.

    Uh....wha? That's right! Level 20! You don't have your endgame gear....or your cool legendary weapons....or all your skills.......or any of that OPness (unless everybody brings there level 20 burgs to this match I guess)

    There will be some rules....sure eat your +12 food or whatnot...don't care....make your Journeyman level Scholar scrolls cool beans...
    There will be NO:

    Pay to Winning (turbine store heal pots....turbine store mitigation buffs, or turbine store damage dealing buffs and so on...you get the point....this includes the stuff you get from the random wheel and stuff too...it's for fun just play fair...also everybody will be on non-anonymous. Both people and witnesses will be able to inspect a person at any time. I don't need people pay to winning a whole single virtue slot..thats just dumb. t's only level 20...you don't need to be worried about people making fun of your non-gold armour...or get butthurt because you don't have all your virtues grinded.

    Also: No Outside Intervention. You won't be grouping with your buddy for him to throw down a captain banner, or give you a LM pet group buff...or anything dumb....

    Any discrepancies and concerns will be sent to (Melywen)

    Spread the word! Tell your tribes/kins/glff/ooc/vents for maximum participation and just think of all the fun you could have with low leveled armour. 900 morale and 6 skills!
    Jimi's Mash

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    The Lowlands
    can Just lvl 20 join or can you be 3 lvls higher or lower.




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