I have played LOTRO a little before, however, due to time factors I was never able to invest the time & effort I wanted. My schedule is now more open so here am I.

I am likely to be joined by a couple of RL friends who have no LOTRO experience (although MMO experience) and no RP experience. I'd love a person (or a couple of people) to help teach some newbies the ropes, help an old salt find his sea legs again and maybe do some RP along the way or even if you just want to play! I'm flexible.

My character goes by the name of Elealas from Eastern Mirkwood. Even amoung his bethren he is known as a keen woodsman and botanist. He is perilously unconcerned with the outside world but as he plans his adventures into Middle Earth to search for plants with certain alchemical properties rumours are abroad of dark things. These things do not concern him for apart from his habitat he cares for little and wishes to head West as soon as the sea calls him home.

And so West he travels...

Do post back if you're interested!