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    Do You Have a New Band? Do You Need A Little Help From Some Friends?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am Lilikate Buggins from Landroval, not to mention a few other servers.

    If you have a new band and would like to have a little help getting "known", if you have a band that's been around for a while and would like to widen your fan base.

    If you'd like your band to find a footing on the Landroval scene?

    I Lilikate would love to hear from you! Here is what I am able to do...

    I can put you in contact with some of the bigger Landroval Bands, You can share the stage with them and play to their established audience. Opening/closing acts are welcome!

    I can come visit you on any server and listen to you play, take some nice screenshots. If you want I can interview your band (and yourselves) and write an article for LOTROPlayers.com

    I can point you toward a new Events/Gig Guide (LOTROARTISTS.com) currently in construction with a calendar of events so you can see when other folks are playing.

    Don't forget: No one owns a spot of Middle-Earth. (apart from Sauron and possibly Saruman). So where and when you play is up to you. Generally it is considered "good manners" not to overplay another bands performance.
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    Hello! I'm a member of a recently formed band (The Remediators) that plays on Landroval. We had an initial Halloween concert in the Shire, and we will play our second concert in front of the Prancing Pony this Friday, November 15 at 9PM server time (EST). We play a variety of music that we arrange for generally a six-piece band. The concert on Friday will feature video game music (mostly Final Fantasy with a few others thrown in). I hope this doesn't conflict with anything already scheduled (I checked on the website LotroArtists.com, and I don't see anything else going on at that time).

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    Near Pittsburgh PA, USA


    Hail and well met!

    Thank you for the warm welcome and helpful tips.
    I know Ms. Lilikate is a busy bee; since WeatherStock, I've seen her buzzing around Landy and the Crickhollow Shirefest.
    It didn't take long to discover what a gem Middle Earth has here

    New arrivals from Meneldor; we are known as Frequency Modulators on both Landroval and Crickhollow. (FM for short)

    We've already met some great folks on both servers and hope to become friends with many more on our new adventure.

    Randelo of Meneldor (alt of Kurli)
    Randau of Landroval
    Randida of Crickhollow

    FM: No Static at All

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    Hi Kurli,

    Let me know when you are due to play a set!

    I will pop the info in my LOTRO Players, Community Events posts as well as spreading the word around and if I can, attending your event too!





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