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    Can my computer handle 24 players in a raid ?

    I am ELLEG from arkenstone.
    my specs
    pentium 4
    3.6 GHZ
    4gb ram
    IDE 500 GB Hard drive
    AGP 1x
    256 mb graphic card
    4G LTE freedompop 1.0 mb per second internet connection
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    Hi, jakoblin.

    At low graphics settings it should be OK but make sure all your drivers are fully up to date.

    There's no way to tell for sure unless you try it and see, so that would be my advice to you.
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    I think you're going to have problems.

    i started playing Lotro with a laptop with better specs in the Rift days, the first pull would always lag me out, but then no problems to speak of. that was a 12 person raid tho, and the gfx effects weren't as intense. The only 24 person raids now is Hele dragon and moors, and I'd bet money you'll have problems in the moors.

    Give it a go anyways, see if there is anything you can do with your settings, it won't hurt to try, just give a heads up to the leader that you may need to be replaced if things don't go well.

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    I too think you're going to have issues due to your computer's hardware. Never hurts to try it out, but more modern hardware may be called for.
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    don't think your pc will be able to handle 24 players on screen, i got some better specs and i even lag like crazy in grouping
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    I'm afraid that I agree. You are going to have major issues just like I do and probably not be able to play those raids.

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    A 256 MB graphic card isn't going to cut for a 24 person raid. I would set all your graphics options to minimum. Try it. See what happens. When I had a 256 MB card, I often had long periods of a 1 frame a second during visually intense fights. My PC would stagger when the Captains raised their sticks when an opponent died to activate their heal and power over time skill. We had 8 Captains - two in each fellowship.

    I currerntly have a 512 MB graphic card. This card works fine. I did some other upgrades at the same time because the graphic card came in new PC.

    The other problem with raids is the quality of your internet connection. It is plenty fast enough. Raids require a stable, low loss and steady decent ping to enjoy them.

    Again all I can suggest is try a 24 person raid. See how it goes.
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