So it came to past not long ago that I found myself awash in surplus collectors editions and spare disks of The Lord of the Rings Online. I wanted something I could put on display permanently, near my sprawling gaming center. The result is this shadowbox hanging just above my right most computer monitor.

The display contains elements from a game boxes and collectors editions of the launch edition and Mines of Moria Expansion of LOTRO.

Featured are the replica of the One Ring which hangs down and in front of the rest of the display. The discs are layered below the inside box from the launch editions with disc covers cannibalized to "pop" the eye of Sauron out as well as the "Millions of Players, One Game to Rule Them All." The Mines of Moria cloth map is below all the design elements. The launch edition paper map adds a bit of filler. Then you have the autographs. The Mines of Moria CE box cover was signed by many of Turbine's leads and I acquired it as part of a charity auction some years back. (I have my own CE editions safely tucked away.) The retail Mines of Moria box is autographed by the original Skirmish Development Team and was sent to me to apologize for an entirely amusing anecdote I'll leave to Sapience to let me tell or not. (I'll update here if he gives me the nod, but I won't heap irony into this by saying otherwise.)

What is next? Well, I have a lot of scrap material around, I'm considering other ideas, we'll see. Maybe support some of the charity events, etc.