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I could be totally wrong, but since you said: I find it disturbing that you would only show the tail end when we finally died.
Makes me believe you were not overjoyed. I find your reaction 'mind boggling' since it could have been much worse. Yet you think its a solid case to question integrity...its not.
It absolutely is, considering Alzeria was the one to instigate the "you guys only show fights you win" to which Mer responded prior to you inserting yourself in the debacle. I'm not fussed over looking bad, since everyone has their own opinions. However when someone posts videos doing the exact thing we were chided for only to a greater extent I start to question their integrity, having been a participant in the third fight that ended in a ~13v4 after about 5-10 minutes. I entirely enjoyed the fight, but it's disingenuous to only show tail end of zergstomps repetitively, and then imply people were whining and follow up with a montage of death screens which again isn't actual PvP.