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    Question a must to join kin?


    im new to lotro forum but been playing almost 2 years now..

    so far i nvr join any kin but everyone i met is in a kin.
    so i just wondering how many players out there without any kin
    and do we really need to join 1 cause i worry i wont be very active in them?

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    Do you need to join a Kin? No.
    You may find that joining a Kin is a good and fun thing though. If it isn't, you're not in the right Kin yet.
    My Kin are now my friends. We group up and run instances together.

    Some of my characters aren't in a Kin though. Sometimes I just want to be alone and slay orcs in peace, er quiet.
    Bruuwnor, Dwarf Champion of Arkenstone, Pipeweed and Ale

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    The Tardis
    Kins can be fun if you find the right one. It took me awhile, but I found one where the players are consistent (some people form kins and then quit the game, very annoying). We also help each other out with lvling as well as crafting what others need for free. You can also get skirms and runs together really quickly, and you know each of the player's strengths so we automatically know who is tanking, healing, dpsing, etc.
    We also have kin parties where we set off fireworks and drink ale
    A warden of Lothlorien meets up a with a rune keeper from Lindon and a friendship is sparked. An elf hunter from Mirkwood finds a minstrel mourning the loss of Edhellen. A captain of Rohan rides to Bree and comes across a burned farm, the only survivor a young woman who'd defended herself with a rusted sword and axe. Thus many adventures begin.

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    Grand 'Ole NY
    No one needs to be in a kin, but if you are in the right one, it will make the game seem even more fun. Advert in your server forums and see what responses you get. After seeing a few responses that deeply explain the kins they represent, choose the one that you think you will enjoy and will fit your play style. A new, casual player who is just getting into the MMO world should not join a top tier raiding kin as an example. Just find the one that is right for you, and you'll love it.

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    You don't have to be in a kin, but joining one makes it much easier to get into groups for instances and trading things you need. And usually you don't have to do much for the kin.
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    Maryland, United States of America


    You do not need to be in a kin to have an amazing time playing the game. However, like a lot of people said previously, it can be very beneficial in many cases. If you find the kin you join (assuming you give it a try) doesn't meet your play style, simply try another. I know I've only ever been apart of two kins: A small one held together by immature players who went inactive, and the one I founded that has been running for two years.
    Not every kin is going to be exactly the same, so chances are, you will eventually come across one that fits you perfectly. If not, then you can always make one lol.

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    I'd definitely recommend trying one to see if it works for you. You might even want to try several if the first one is not a fit. There are many benefits to being in a kinship, but joining the wrong one can leave a sour taste in your mouth. Pay attention to a player's kin tag when you have positive or negative interactions. Research kins on your server forum and by visiting their websites. Figure out what you would want most out of a kin--casual conversation, events, leveling, raiding, crafting, et al. Would you want an all ages kin or an adult one?

    I don't recommend any kin that does blind invites. I know I wouldn't be a good fit for a kin that does mass invites or automatic officer promotions. I highly recommend a kin with some sort of application or interviewing process, or at least one that would like to get to know you a bit before extending an invite.

    The vast majority of kins do not require weekly commitments. A good number do, however, purge rosters after a predetermined length of time without a login (and most should let former members back in upon return to the game--expulsion during inactivity should not be seen as a judgement against you).

    You might be surprised about how much you enjoy being a kin member, and how much you may actually be able to offer. I'm always happy with any member who will participate in kin chat in a positive way. It's a big bonus if that member also comes to activities, and even better if that person is willing to help other kinmates with quests, crafting or anything of that sort. I've seen many people start out terribly shy and unsure of their place who end up becoming essential members of our kin.

    If you try a good kin and find out you're happier on your own, just send a message to the kin leader or an online officer before quitting. If you explain your reason, there will be no hard feelings. Don't be ashamed if it doesn't work out. You're definitely not alone in your choice.

    But I hope you will give it a try. I was always glad I did.
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    I joined one last night, we'll see how it goes. I have played mostly solo since I came to the game with Mines of Moria, but I was in a kin for a little while. Unfortunately, I got mired in Moria (at release), and even though I was a in a kin, Moria motivated me to leave the game.

    It is WAY better now though, so not to put anyone off it.

    By contrast, when I came back, Mirkwood was out, I went through Loth, and took one step off the boat into Mirkwood and went right back to Loth, and stayed there until the quests were deep, deep green heh

    I LOVE Lothlorien.

    All solo, up to 78, stepped out the game again for no real reason, and came back a couple days ago. This time I joined a kin, I want to stick around for a bit, and I think Kins help with that, if you are in the right one.

    I play on PST so having a few people to play with after the eastern folks go to bed is quite nice, I would rather be solo than the only one playing in a kin if that makes any sense.

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    thx for the reply

    kinda feel a lot better
    thought i'm going to be the only 'lone-ranger'

    maybe i will look the kin up before i join cause i always rejected their offer
    dont want to offended any1

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    I know not everyone has the same experience, but being in my kin is the one thing that keeps me playing. I'm play this game to socialise with others and being is a good kin really enhanced your experience of the game. I'm the event organiser in my kin, and organising and running parties and instances with the kin is great fun, and is the best part of the game. Most casual kins would not require to do a lot as such, just reply if someone is talking to you; that's about it, lol! I could not imagine being outside of a kin, so I hope things go well for you.
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    If you're interested in a social and softcore raiding kin send me a mail on Navalgar.

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    Definitely feel free to ask questions about the kin before you join

    Zitat Zitat von Leytla Beitrag anzeigen
    thx for the reply

    maybe i will look the kin up before i join cause i always rejected their offer
    dont want to offended any1
    Different kins may have a different focus, so you might have to try a couple different ones to find a good fit. If they're unwilling to answer questions-that's probably not a good fit.

    For example, a heavy raiding kin wouldn't work for me, so I participate in a socially focused leveling kin. We have a lively kinchat, help each other out, and group regularly, but we are never gonna have a "server first" title on new content.

    Best of luck in finding a kin that suits you. It can make the game even more fun than it is running solo.
    LilyRose of Gladden, Mistress of the Rangers of the West Kinship. Come check out our kin at rangerswest.guildlaunch.com.

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    Cool Kin or not to Kin

    Purely a personal decision, but "For "Free Game Play" it is quite good - get into a good kin - it certainly made a difference to my "spare" time - it is an absolutely winner as far as I'm concerned. Counteracts the atrocities of life - the make believe is so much better than sitting in a seat, more or less immobile whilst watching contortions of all sorts on a wide screen, and the shouting and screaming of the repetitive soaps. The adventure and crafting challenges are superb - everything changes - that's the evolution life - LOTRO displays this well....

    Being in a Kin you can get stuff for your adventure and help others doing the same - meet others and have an everlasting adventure - HEY! try Warhammer!




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