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    New Lotro Store Suggestion - Expansion Quad Pack - Digital Download -

    I'm logged in and was trying to buy the Expansion Quad Pack - Digital Download.

    I wish to buy 3x the Expansion Quad Pack as some kinship members has no Paypal.

    But there is no "amount" choice.

    It will possible to buy more then once?


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    Hamilton, NY
    I believe that since a purchase now ties whatever you're buying directly to your account with no need for a key that it is no longer possible to gift.

    Would be nice if an option like that was to come back though.
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    That is one change to the store I'm less than crazy about. I have in-game friends for whom I will occasionally buy expansions or points, but I don't give my real name to folks in-game, and don't ask for theirs. But the way they currently have of buying points/expansions for others requires you to know their character name, server (duh) and their real name. That pretty much messes that up. I preferred buying and getting the code - then I could just copy paste it and send it to them in a tell.

    I hope they re-think that, or figure out a way that doesn't require knowing their real name, so I don't have to reciprocate and give them mine.
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