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    Skills Reduction

    Assuming you get 3 or 4 new skills, plus assuming some skills will be gated specifically behind trait lines and can's coexist, what 20 skills do you hope they keep?

    1) Swift Bow
    2) Blindside
    3) Bard's Arrow
    4) Rain of Thorns
    5) Rain of Arrows (assuming its traits are available in some fasion)
    6) Quickshot
    7) Blood Arrow
    8) Dazing Blow
    9) Low Cut
    10) Split Shot
    11) Needful Haste
    12) Intent Concentration
    13) Focus (would prefer it has an in-combat component)
    14) Strance: Precision
    15) Distracting Shot
    16) Barbed Arrow (with it barbed hindrance native)
    17) Track Nature/Foes/Shadow (with heightened senses native)
    18) Agile Rejoinder (buffed)
    19) Bright Campfire

    'Bout all I can come up with.

    Stuff I hope they heavily modify or do away with:

    1) Camo
    2) DF
    3) Strength of the Earth
    4) Stances Strength & Endurance
    5) Purge Poison
    6) Merciful Shot
    7) P-Shot
    8) Heartseeker!!!
    9) Hunter's Art
    10) Cry of the Hunter

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    They are planning to reduce the number in combat skill to around 20.

    In addition to the 20 or so skills, we would have:

    1) Stances
    2) Focus
    3) Campfire
    4) Tracking Skills
    5) Guide and Return to Camp Skills
    6) Mile Stone Skills

    The other thing is that some skills will become Line Skills. Depending on which line, you may not have these skills.
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    14) Strance: Precision
    why do you only mention one stance?

    imo, I hope they remove stances. they are not that interesting. I hope the buffs are just put onto each line and modified a lot to make sure ALL lines have some kind of focus component so you don't feel you need to be in huntsman to have fun (as many seem to say these days).

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    14) Strance: Precision
    Stances don't count against the ~20 skills, so if stances stick around for hunter, you'll be getting Precision free of charge, plus Strength and Endurance that you originally wanted to get rid of.
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