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    .abc files on Mac

    Please Turbine fix the .abc filenaming problem on the Mac OsX Client and get the
    .hta file for the songbook-playlist to work

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    Please Turbine fix the .abc filenaming problem on the Mac OsX Client and get the
    .hta file for the songbook-playlist to work
    YOU MUST file a new bug report with every update!!!

    As I understand it ".hta" is proprietary Microsoft -- the files run under a separate process -- mshta.exe.

    It is also considered a significant security problem, a common attack point for malware.

    It's purpose is to allow random Windows .exe files to be imbedded within HTML code. It does not run Java code, contrary to what some people think.

    Until Songbook is re-coded to avoid using .hta it will never work on the Mac.
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    YOU MUST file a new bug report with every update!!!
    I'm not sure filing a new bug report with every update is necessary or even advisable. Reporting that "Playback of .abc files on the Mac client is still broken in Update 11.3" doesn't really give Turbine anything new or useful to go on.

    If you've filed a bug report in the past and requested an email confirmation, you can reply to that original email message to provide additional information about the bug.

    If Turbine is aware of the issue, filing additional bug reports (without new useful information) is not going to somehow make them "more aware." At best, frivolous reports will waste the time and resources of the QA team, and at worst, could get you labeled as a nuisance.

    The bug reporting tool is meant to report issues, not to lobby for their resolution in some sort of popularity contest. That's what these forums are for.

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    well,actually there IS a workaround for the .hta-win-only problem but its annoying and needs some work.
    you have to have lotro on your bootcamp installation,there you make sure the songbook plugin is installed and you have the same song files you would use on your mac installation in the folder.
    after producing the playlist just copy it over(including the before non-existent folder on your mac)
    but that means you have to redo the procedure everytime you add another song to your repertoire.....

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    From today's patch notes:

    Music System

    Loading music files to play (with /play “filename”) will now work properly on Mac.

    Umm... I guess that means I should get to work again on that AppleScript I was writing to replace songbook.hta for Mac users....




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