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    Angry The connection to the server has been lost.

    The connection to the server has been lost.
    This comes up every time I try to log onto my warden... Why...
    is it a bug? (i know it's not my internet because it works perfectly fine when logging into my other 6 characters)
    is there any way to fix it?
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    I too have this issue. When I'm logged in, my kinnies see the message "Derungorm has gone offline." Isee everything, but can't move, and when I select players their morale is 0/0.
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    I have this issue too, just on my RK. So annoying! I've tried everything Turbine Support has suggested and nothing seems to work to fix it. Uninstalled/reinstalled the client, I recently moved so we have a new internet provider and modem, and it still happens. It also happens on my husbands computer too, which makes me think it's not an issue we can fix on our end. I wish Turbine could do something. It's super frustrating because that is my favorite/most played character. I mostly notice it when I try to switch from another character to that character. If she is the first character I try to log in for that day it sometimes works, although it's still a long loading screen.

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    Connection issues

    Same here, on Imladris. Have to log on 3 to 4 times before I can connect. Game gets cu after a few minutes.

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    If your game client spends too long loading a character (minutes ...), the server seems to think it's gone and kills the connection apparently.

    The more fleshed out a character (deeds, quests, etc), the slower it loads, so that tends to happen first with 'main' characters.

    I can't log in into my main the first time I load the game anymore, only the second time and only thanks to windows having cached some of the game files in RAM when they were accessed the first time, speeding up the login process somewhat.

    Probably the only way to fix that is to get a faster computer (CPU & harddrives).

    If your character loads decently fast, you have a different problem though.
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