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    character creation question: width/height adjustment?

    When a character is being created, could the character's height be adjusted to make him/her as tall or short as the players likes? And does that go for the width too?

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    You can make your character skinny or bulky, to a point. I don't remember if height is an option, but I'd be tempted to say no.
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    creater creation isn't lotro strong point. I'm pretty sure you can't change height. the models are set sizes. you can change the width kinda, from fat to bulk, but it's a little derpy at times.

    the best way to choose the height you like is choose male/female. sex isn't just a reskin, they have differant animations and models. I actually found myself liking playing a female character for multiple reasons, one being that she's smaller and thinner than the males. it's not a direct advantage, but for me, seeing less of my character is better. I'm one of those people that constantly change the view distance. I find myself scrolling in and out so much, maybe it's just cosmetic, but it makes my play more fun :P

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    When a character is being created, could the character's height be adjusted to make him/her as tall or short as the players likes? And does that go for the width too?
    It is very limited because the characters do not look right in game if you adjust them too much. Things like your armor having gaps because your fatty character is straining the seams. I do not believe height can be adjusted all because it would mess up the animations and cause laugh as your short dwarf plows the ground with two axes because of clipping issues. Turbine had to change some weapons to make them smaller because of the plowing the field look.
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    The height, weight & color of the character is different in theory based on race of the character. Example: men of Gondor have a different range of body build than men of Dale. Thought it seems evident on character creation, that the size change, i have a hard time converting milimeters into inches of difference (on game scale) when i start playing the character. I still think that those difference should be greater. 2 closely related person can be very similar & different at same time. Example, My cousin have exactly the same color & body build as me. She stand at 4 feet tall while i stand at 6 feet tall. I have 2 sister, 1 have a dark tan & the other looks almost like albino, mine is in between.

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