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    United Kingdom

    The Guides of Middle Earth - Recruiting Now!

    The Guides of Middle Earth - JOIN US TODAY!

    The Guides of Middle Earth
    is one of the oldest exisiting Kinship's on the Vilya Server.

    We have a large number of active members and master crafters. We offer a very open, helpful and casual environment for any player, beginner to advanced. This is a great place to be without feeling isolated or out of place. We are here to help you and to guide you as much as possible, whether it be questing in Moria or the Summer 2013 Festival.

    Send an IM/Mail to any active member to join, we'll get you in.

    Kinship Info

    Leader: Reymon
    Kinship Rank: Rank 10
    Kinship House: 9 Chestnut Street, Fanwater, Bree-Land Homesteads

    Known Officers: Ajmehrai, Karenel, Eruantale, Mornag, Silmiel, Gildis, Eburovic, Zamphir, Lotheric, Jeffrod, Rosemarry, Tahlib, Breatha, Taden, Aragalad, Aimish

    Kinship Website: www.guides.lotrosites.com
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    What happened to the Kiwi who used to lead that kin?
    Antulien RK
    Perseusisanoob WL

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    Bree-Land Homestead
    All I know is that it was founded by Allanar a long time ago, then he left and his successor took over who left the kin to Reymon
    Esquire Tahlib Salaam, Lore-Seeker
    Level 85 Lore-Master | Race of Man
    Grand Master of the Tailor Guild
    Founder of [URL="http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Social:The_Estate_of_Tahlib_Salaam"]The Estate of Tahlib Salaam[/URL]




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