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    I Love You All

    Even those I hate, I still love you. You contribute to the unique fabric of society that is Crickhollow.

    This is basically my "quitting the game" post, sort of. I pretty much already did quit the game, but now it's borderline official (because the real life game is taking more and more of my time with no end in sight, and I love every minute of it). So since I won't be able to troll glff and creepside OOC as much, and I'll be even more limited in my ability to send you all long paragraphs inspired mostly by booze, I'll just have to make some lame forum post that nobody cares about.

    I could make a list of names of people that are special blah blah blah, but really, that's already been done. And since I've made Erlessa's list more than once, I can ask for no more of public opinion. (For those that don't know, Erlessa > you, except for Oldin whom is > all). Point being, the only name I'll drop outside of a justification is Calidog. Calidog, aka Caliboy/Nexttarget/Nobuddy, and probably more I don't know or care about, has never once been given the props he deserves. Despite Cali's rough exterior and short temper, he is one of the few who ever once has taken the time to teach a new player the basics. While verbally abusive, the information he has provided has never been anything short of objective and frankly, no one can blame the guy for getting fed-up with newbs that refuse to listen.

    As I have recently usurped control of the National Balrog Association, and re-engineered it to fit my own ultimate desires, it is only right to express that the NBA as a whole fully respects and honors Cali, as he is the near-epitome of our dual interests of self-improvement and philanthropy.

    Tbh anyone who plays super late at night won't notice any sort of absence, since I'll continue to log on and press random buttons. There'll just be more ninja afks (as if that were possible).

    In short; in matters vegetable, animal, and mineral, I am the very model of a modern Major General.

    P.S. forgot to mask it, but don't want to forget it - Kamlio and Framlang before him. The most powerful people you never knew...except for KoC, they knew.
    Everybody has stories. They bore me.

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    Zitat Zitat von Irishpubber Beitrag anzeigen
    Tbh anyone who plays super late at night won't notice any sort of absence, since I'll continue to log on and press random buttons. There'll just be more ninja afks (as if that were possible).

    Where will this afking occur again?

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    Being one of the people that plays late at night so will notice little difference this post doesn't affect me too much.


    When someone tells you they love you the least you can say is thank you. So thank you for your love Stout.

    ps. I will one day finish my moors stories......I don't know when though.
    Merlinros - Brandywine

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    Lakeland, Florida

    Love you too.

    I really hate to hear your leaving. I've probably known you longer than anyone in the game and I hate to see you go. You always made glff so interesting with you humour. Also, without you the moor's would have been very boring. Take care and I wish you well in your real life ventures.

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    For a moment there...


    RL FTW!

    Find me on Steam and ESO, same name.

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    Stout leaving? The economy on Crickhollow just took a hit seeing how I'm quite sure you're one of if not the richest player on this server (poll anyone?). Best of luck in whatever you're after and congrats on being a big part of one of the only hardcore raiding kins on this server. I'm sure you'll pop in every now and then. After a little bit of time off, things change. At least time away from the game gets us outside more and with the weather we're having this time of year, how can you go wrong? As for Calidog, outside of being the first person to tell me in vent that Bin Laden was just killed I will always remember him for not giving a damn about what people think of him. He played his way and he played it well.

    Salute and...Go Blue (had to edit to add Cali comment)
    I do not read threads once I post in them because I could care less what your reply is...

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    (Taking bets...100G says he will be back within 90 days)

    Aight Stout - we've killed together, we've been pissed at each other, and we've killed each other - lots. Although at the time I uttered absolute hate in my mic, the last best times on this server were pre-RoR when you had the pve band going every night, and MeM with a couple others would try to beat you to the keeps...it was predictable, and impossible, but it was a fight every doggon night.

    Come back soon...you're too good at this sheet to stay away as long as you think...you'll see ;-)

    Good Not-Hunting,

    Ellouhollia - R13 - Hunter (BW) | Ellou - R10 - Guardian (BW) | Slye - R10 - Burglar (CH) | Borialys - R8 - Minstrel (BW)
    Freepstalker - R8 - Stalker (CH) | Freepstalker - R7 - Stalker (BW) | Allwrong - R7 - Warleader (BW)

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    Sad to see someone go, but I understand how hardcore RL can be.

    I'm thinking about making a comeback somewhere before HD launch, but it's been difficult juggling 3 Kids, a Job with on-call duty and Sleep with gaming. Not just LOTRO, any kind of gaming really.
    Razor // Lusitanius // Crickhollow ~ Portuguese Kinship //




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