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    Lightbulb 6 Housing ideas: Stable, Shop, Pet, Rooms, Gardening, Lists


    • You / the kin master add a stable in the garden
    • Only you / your kins can use it
    • No refresh time
    • Is free, except for rations
    • No animations, just click and *POP*
    • You can choose from one of your mounts / Any kin member can change the mount from one of his/hers
    • The travelling options are one-sided, this is, you have to return to your house/kin house by the special milestone skill
    • Double click, you can go (the menu changes according to the player):
      • To the main town of your race (2 rations)
      • To your house/kin house (1 ration)
      • To any of your milestone marked locations (10 rations)
      • To your shop (see "shops" in this post) (1 ration)
      • Only in kin stables: You can go to any major area node (1 per area) that you already discovered (25 rations)
      • Only in kin stables: Festival grounds (2 rations)
      • Only in kin stables: Any other kin shop (see "shops" in this post) (2 rations)
      • Only in kin stables: The kin shop (2 rations)
      • Only in kin stables: Any other kin house (2 rations)


    • In each neighbourhood of each homestead there are 5 available shop slots in the homestead centre
    • The basis is an alternative to the auction house system:
      • You sell from x1 times the normal price to a maximum set by the player/kin master.
      • The more anything you sell per week, all products more expensive get (like 10 products to upgrade a multiplication factor). You can set this amount too.
      • When you craft something, you can choose "bag", "shop" or "kin shop" destination. The last two are instantly made while the other one not.
      • You cannot remove items from the shop, but you can buy them.

    • There are luxurious, normal and kin shops (changes the capacity of items and their maximum stock)
    • Only the kin master can change kin shop characteristics
    • You can rent it in any homestead that you want
    • You can have as many shops you want (just copies, shared stock, shared prices), but 1 per neighbourhood and all shops are the same type (normal, luxurious and kin)
    • You can drop items with x1 price refund
    • You rent them, if you don't pay, it disappears automatically
    • If no shop remains, the existences remain "hidden" until the next shop is open


    • Burglars can steal anything from any kin or normal house, hooks and chests after level 20, the "not visitable" flag is ignored
    • Burglars can be discovered by a 25% chance
    • After something got stolen, the player receives 1h later an anonymous letter saying what has been taken
    • Discovered burglars appear in the prison of Bree, they remain there 1h. The victim receives instantly a letter from the prison telling what happened and what tried to stole
    • Pets increase the chance for discovering burglars to 99%
    • Pets cannot be stolen
    • You must feed the pet (by money, like a rent), if you don't do it the pet hook "disappears" and you must buy a new one
    • Pets are expensive to buy, but cheap to feed


    • Inner rooms are added by using a garden hook and then an interior hook for the door/portal
    • (inner) You add a kitchen and you can cook or metalwork, 10% speed bonus (but no NPC shops), 25% in kin rooms.
    • (garden) You add a porch and you can "work" anything that doesn't need fire or soil (see "gardening" in this post) with a 10% speed bonus (but no NPC shops).
    • (garden) You add an outhouse, a /bio emote is played, the player enters and all the the debuffs/posions/etc... disappear (1h refresh)
    • (underground, inner, no garden space) You add a cellar, all your chests go there freeing 2/3 hooks.
    • (inner) You add a normal room, more space for stuff. Maximum 2 in luxurious houses and 1 in normal houses. 4 in kin houses.
    • (underground, inner, no garden space, only kin houses) Prison, the kin master can penalize with 1h prison a member, burglars go there if discovered (see "pets" in this post).


    • You can buy an empty fence and then you can buy plants from farmers and change the fence.
    • You can buy empty garden hooks (orchards, etc...) and use the same system with plants.
    • Empty orchards can be used for growing farm recipes (see "rooms" in this post).


    • In the social window, there are two new sections: "Houses" and "Shops"
    • In "Houses" you see by default the addresses of your friends and a search box for find anyone or any kin house (useful for burglars) and check if is visitable or not
    • In "Shops" you see a sortable ranking of shop chains by the past week sellings, number of shops and weeks alive. By clicking one you can see a list of shop locations.

    Hope that any of these are useful
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    I like the idea of stables taking up, I would imagine, a Large Yard slot. I use my house and kin house to get me back to the starting areas, and having a stable there would be wonderful. The rest of it is just way too much, it's not gonna happen, but feel free to keep dreaming.

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    Zitat Zitat von GrimbleGrumble Beitrag anzeigen
    I like the idea of stables taking up, I would imagine, a Large Yard slot. I use my house and kin house to get me back to the starting areas, and having a stable there would be wonderful. The rest of it is just way too much, it's not gonna happen, but feel free to keep dreaming.
    IF the auto-travel routes are programmed as static constructs which can be toggled (for those which are only available during certain quests).....

    .... then having a slottable travel route (by slottable I mean you slot an item into a decoration slot and a travel route is established) would mean creating NxM travel routes and toggling them on/off as you slotted/unslotted an item. What a nightmare for a server.

    Then, amusingly enough, there's the race condition: what if someone were using that travel route and you unslotted it?

    Adding travel routes from just outside the neighborhood to the nearest city (for developments which lack such a route)... now that seems like a minor mod that'd give you the same effect but without the at-your-doorstep convenience.
    Leader of Living Craftmanships (Arkenstone)

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    I like some of your ideas, but then the pet idea with burglars is really terrible.

    In no way would that be abused by the moron burglar population (myself included) of this game If you want those kinds of features, eve online will serve you well.
    I would amend it, maybe a copy of the item can be stolen. But then if the burglar gets caught, you don't want to take a persons game time and put their toon in a jail for 1 hr. Thats just crazy.

    Maybe present them an option to pay bail, like a small amount of silver. If they don't pay they are put in stockade for 1min and they get egged/tomatoed by angry locals in the town square.
    Then a cut scene would show them fleeing the housing area covered in vegetable slime being chased by roll pin toting residents. I would pit my burg against that as it would be fun.

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    Thumbs up Great Idea!

    Wow! I think all of this is an amazing idea! I really do think we should try to get a dev involved with this. I think it will make LotRO much more appealing and attract both old AND new players to the game. I mean just look at Wildstar's (mmorpg) housing! This is an AMAZING idea, and seriously, we need to contact a dev and discuss the possibility of this becoming a thing!
    Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.




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