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    Responding to locked thread comments........

    Tingur........."I don't have anything to complain about against the current action. You can still get loads of renown/infamy/commies if you do your stuff right and that is what matters."

    The current state of the moors is the worst I have ever seen it, and each to their own, but if points is what matters to you, then I can see where you would be enjoying this Xpac as it's all about the points and inflated earnings/ranking.

    Aneela........"Like I asked the other night, do you leave the moors when you notice you have the Delving buffs? Or do you continue on to various quest locations and blow up noob creeps? For example standing up on a rock at Gollavol, waiting. A fight you know you'll win unless you jump down and RNG is not on your side, rofl. That isn't farming?"

    To answer your question.....again......no I don't leave the moors when I see Delving Buffs, but neither do I show up at GTA for the farming of points. I actually make it a point to avoid GTA if buffs are up. Yet I shake my head at the peeps that decide to trade X amount of time in the delving pve'ing just for the sake of more shiny points.

    Now I have 2 questions for you......

    1)Do you take umbrage with what I said because you're one of the ones flipping the delving bosses and farming points?

    2)Who told you that I blow up noob creeps or exploit terrain features? Unfortunately whoever it is has a penchant for lying or grossly distorting the truth.

    I'd like to see some SS though of these actions you are accusing me of............................ .........that's okay, i'll wait.

    Monkeylad........"Not to be rude Althorr, but you use tons of store buffs. That's farming too, since it gives you an unfair advantage. Personally, i don't care about buffs, but i felt that i should point that out"

    Pray tell which store buffs do I use that constitute "tons"? I see no unfair advantage when the same/alternative buffs are available to creeps. And as I've seen you out with numerous buffs as well, I really don't see your point.

    When I say "farming shiny points" I'm simply referring to the purposeful flipping of delving bosses for the sake of greater renown/infamy gains then commencing the GTA farm fest. And lest there be some mistake.....1ving with delving bosses up is a farm fest.

    Imho, it's the exact opposite of what it should be.

    For those whom my words apply to........I have a challenge for you...........1v to your heart's content, just don't kill the opposing player, even if it's close. Now you aren't farming, but simply playing for fun.

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    .......or better yet, just stop flipping the bosses.

    Then 1v away.......................... .......




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