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    Tips for Weaver fights wanted! (PvMP)

    I've been rolling solo on my captain for the past few days and have encountered a few Weaver fights along the way. Needless to say; found the fights pretty tricky!

    Some of my current tactics are:

    -MC heal whilst being kited
    -Change from 4 command to 4 perseverance for sprint, when Web the Earth is down for temporary slow immunity

    I've been traiting composure, also for a free RC for use whilst being kited.

    Some tips from some more experienced PvP Captains are welcomed!

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    i am not sure how free composure is, if its taking the place of defiance. the morale cost of ToN pales in comparison to the extra 10s on last stand. You should aim for ToN at the start of the fight, preferably for a war cry opening move.
    Kill the pet asap, as pero the cappy has told us. And don't forget to pot the poisons.

    You pretty much covered armour set uses, lets discuss LIs:
    -Bleeds are you bread and butter on the moors, so Cutting attack bleed damage FTW. Remember that this legacy increases damage from the bleeds from both Cutting Attack and Grave Wound.
    -Crit and Finesse are way more important than masteries with the outpost bonus.
    -Creep's finesse makes BPE not very useful, so aim for raw mitigations instead.
    -When the spider burrows, scream on OOC channel it's location, because that spider will call friends as well.

    Cappys in melee range can outheal weavers DPS, so if the cappy can make good use of Make Haste and archer pet slows the weaver's plan is to survive 45s and only then start the slow/kite exploit. most weavers can´t do what is required during that 45s: survive, kill the archer and avoid the bleeds. On the rare occasions that a weaver kills my archer and survives my make haste, i just time my insignia use for one desperate charge before the spider gains an upper hand.

    Unlike defilers/warleaders fights that last forever, facing a weaver or a black arrow is something that will be decided very soon: either the cappy finishes the fight during the make haste, or its a quick death from the lame slow+kite exploit. I consider black arrows a tougher nut to crack.

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    A smart weaver is a very deadly thing to fight. One thing I would like to add is how to fight against catch prey, and there are around two ways to go about it.

    One: you can either try to always time your attacks so they hit his backside so they land to avoid there high block/parry/evade (attacking from behind means he can only evade your attacks)

    Two: this method is very tricky because it takes good timing to do. You can knock off catch prey buff off the spider itself IF THE SPIDER IS CC when catch prey refreshes itself every 5 seconds that means either routing cry stun or a lucky chance on battle-shout fear (with the relics that give battle-shout fear proc from the moors)

    Good Luck
    Ancient Captain of Windfola




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