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    Cool Adios, mi amigos/amigas.

    It's the end for me and my LOTRO days. I'm done with the &&&& Turbine's bringing to the table. I'm leaving at the end of this month. I've made a lot of friends, made a lot of memories, and a lot of laughs. I really miss some of the people I first played with. There are simply too many people for me to say each person by name, so I'll just list the ones that I really loved playing with and made my experience all that much better:

    Nya, Meeph, all the Wrath to Fury folks and the original Forbidden Few, Junesong, Tulcavaryar, Icy, Apache, Egelwing, Rastanoob, Ithilethien, Melaka, Sandy, and Daenyras, and we can't forget Castle with his infamous: glff Castle: 'i thought red wine was tea once and i drank it O.o''.
    And lastly, but certainly not the least, Amicitia. You were probably the most fun person to play with on this game. No lies. I really enjoyed talking with you throughout our time playing together.
    There are a lot of people I'm leaving out that made this game special - especially creepside, but those are the people buy name that meant the most to me. It really was a great 3 years of my life playing with most of you guys.

    Sincerely, your Warden friend,


    P.S. For full reason why I'm quitting, check out my post in http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.p...ome-back/page2 It's about two-thirds down the page.

    P.S.S. May you all have happy hunting.
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