I am new on this server...I have decided to leave Laurelin for a while...I am not a veteran of this game, but I play LOTRO since an year.
I love every aspect of this game, but since I've started my adventures I've encountered many difficulties.
Honestly soloing in ME is not really fun...
What I'm looking for is a permanent FELLOWSHIP, 4 or 5 people, in order to level all togheter, live the game plot togheter, ride craft RP etc...
You may say, join a kinship! Well, I have been in many kinship...some RP kin some endgame kin, but every time you join a big kinship, if you're not a top player...you're just a number, if you join a little one the project is destined to fail.
So I've had enough to hearing about kinship.
So if anyone is playng LOTRO in this way please message me! And if anyone would like to join my fellowship he will be the most welcome!

In game I am Laeglin a lvl 12 Elf guardian, so please feel free to contact me in game.