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    Wink Off-hand Critical Chance Legacy

    I would never choose this legacy. But someone asked me why I wouldn't and I didn't have a better answer then this....

    1. If your capped on crit it won't have any effect as it won't go over cap. Is this correct or did I just pull it out of my hat?

    2. Its off-hand crits only which as a whole doesn't give that much of an effect on over all dps so your better off choosing something else. Correct?

    I then got the question... well will it not help to keep the crit chain open if nothing else?

    I answered: Your crit chain will be open pretty much all the time anyway, you will find that you'll be waiting on chain skill cds not crits to open the chain.

    But is there an other reason that I've missed that makes this an obviously &&&&e legacy or is there actually a use for it?
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    Because it's nice to have if you have a slot for it on your bag depending on the amount of major slots.This is more useful if you're doing any content without a captain. You don't have to put points into it either, it's rating alone is fine as it is so it's not a burden to have. If you're crit capped without captain buff or tier 3 crit proc, however, you have too much critical rating. Even if you are capped it still gives some points to your critical multiplier even though minuscule (unless their is data that supports critical rating for specific abilities or weapons does not apply). It's not a big increase to dps, but it's an increase.

    My ideal bag for PVE DPS:

    Addle Cooldown
    Positional Damage
    Skills Critical Multiplier
    Glee Healing / Aim CD (Glass Cannon)
    Off-Hand Critical Chance
    Vitality/ Fate (Glass Cannon)

    PvP has many versatile legacies that I can't say will have an impact without a doubt however, if that is how you play your burg mainly. I have/had multiple bags for PvP switching for that reason.

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    I use it on my dps setup. More practical to use offhand crit than say,gamble chance or glee for pve. Even unranked, its still something. Not sure if offhand crit boosts magnitudes or nott. I dont burg alot these days. For pvp I use gamble chance for the provoke daze
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