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    AUK Angry Mob Raid, 2nd Edition

    Here Ye, Here Ye fellow Imladrians..... The minions of the evil eye have struck once more in the peaceful lands of Eriador!! We, the free peoples of An Unexpected Kinship call upon your help to rid the lands of this evil in only a way an organized group of townsfolk can: ANGRY MOB style!!

    What: Angry Mob Raid, 2nd Edition
    When: Saturday, July 13, 2013 @7:00 pm EST
    Where: Sarnur
    Who: All Imladrians Lvl 45+ (lower are welcome but the danger is grave!!)

    Last year to celebrate our anniversary as a kinship on Imladris, An Unexpected Kinship got together with their friends of Imladris and raided Goblin Town. Armed only with Pitchforks, Shovels, Frying Pans and Butter knives, the ran through the depths of Goblintown destroying anything in their path, just as an angry mob would!! This year the chosen area to be cleansed is Sarnur!!

    Everyone on Imladris, Level 45+ is welcome to join us. We will running rampant through Sarnur destroying whatever we can using only the implements acquired from the Mathom Society (shire rep). No LI's, no weapons or shields (level 10 and under may be used for single wielding classes. We will only be using Pitchforks, Shovels, Frying Pans and Butter knives to dps.

    We will have group contests and a cosmetic wardrobe contest so come dressed in your finest peasant clothes as this night we won't be heroes of Middle Earth, only common peasants. Prizes will be awarded to the 3 best cosmetic outfitted non-AUK participants who portray the theme. Prizes will be announced at completion when winners are announced.

    So gather up those Shire rep points and come join us for some fun and fellowship!!

    For more info feel free to contact myself or any AUK Officer!! Hope to see you there!!

    --Oledeadeye Oneshot/Thrace-1 Shadowstalker--

    AUK Officers:

    Freeps: [b]OleDeadEye R9[/b] /Thrace R5
    Creeps(Brandy): [b]Isolfur R9[/b]

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    This sounds like a blast! I wish I wasn't working, I'd love to participate




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