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    venomous widows

    I need to find the venomous widows to complete A Venomous Culprit in Limlight Gorge. How and where would I find them? They are not at the place the locator indicates.

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    I don't remember the exact questline to start Limlight but for one of the quests you need to kill spiders that will spawn together with the largest of the spider types, those found at the places with a lot of webs. Did that make any sense at all?

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    Yeah, you need to collect stuff from 3 different spider types: the regular ones (~75k morale) you can find in all of northern Limlight Gorge, the big ones (~150k morale) on 2 locations at the northern border of Limlight Gorge, and the small ones (a few 1000s morale) that spawn during the fight with the biggies. Be careful though, because those small ones can inflict a very serious DoT (damage over time) effect that can kill you in a few seconds. Try to kill them with ranged attacks asap.

    (PS: sometimes it takes several kills before they drop the item you need it's totally unpredictable and it can drive you mad if doesn't come in the first 2 or 3 kills).
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