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Thema: What's yours?

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    My house

    What's yours?

    Ok, so I just want to do a survey seeing which class is liked best on Windfola! First, I'll share mine. I think hunter is the best class. Don't say it isn't because it's just my opinion, the reason is, as a 39 hunter, I can knock a guy with 3.2k health down to 1.4k health before he reaches me. So what's your favorite class and why? I'd really like to get a server-wide vote on this to see which is the favorite class of Windfola!

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    Killing a Boogan somm'ers, 'cause they remind me of Bogarts.
    I prefer the Guardian. I have the most fun when I actually get to play tank for a group.

    Second would be a Rune Keeper. Zot zot BooM! Need I say more?

    Burg, Champ, Lore Master and Warden would be next. I have fun playing when with a group, but don't enjoy questing solo with these.

    I've somewhat leveled a Mini, Captain and a Hunter. They never could hold my interest very long. Especially the Hunter. A Guard was my first and a Hunter was my second. After leveling a Guard to 50 during SoA, playing a Hunter seemed too much like cheating. It still does...
    ****Bogarts! We hates Bogarts!****

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    That's cause you already have two awesome hunter in your Kin, Tor. LOL!
    I've leveled Hunter, Mini, Champ, and Warden. I like my hunter best. The mini is fun especially running war speach. The warden takes some getting used to and you need to have a group that knows it takes a moment or two to get things going and not start zotting the &&&& out of things right off.

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    I'm right here.
    on my mini in her level 70s, i soloed a crowd of mobs (a mob mob) that had killed a skilled 85 champ i was grouping with just so i could rez her

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    I've got one of each, but have difficulty with LM and Burg. When the others are good they're very very good and when they are bad they are horrid!

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    Champs! And the forum design sucks -_-

    “Everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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    Mini's are my fav

    I can often drink a cup of crit coffee and run around a group that can wipe me out in a sec and just were them down playing hit and run in a skirm or instance to be good with a mini you have to cast heal over time skills pre-emptivly on the ppl that will most likely take hits when things get heated tanks take the most heat but hunters often draw a few just because the dps factor if you have a group that's losing the battle a instacast triumphant spirit will not only heal the entire group for a good bit of moral it will get all the mobs after a mini allowing for the above stated hit and run tactics to give the group a breather for a bit

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    Its really a tough choice, each class has a role, hunters for example are healers ... No but really, I like to play whatever I need and whatever the group needs. I prefer my burg, even though I'm not great with him, I'm still alright. They are really fun and a little difficult, but you get used to it. They are great as CC and DPS... But that cappy of mine, I like as well. He can heal a whole fellowship which is sexyyyy!
    Windfola: Aegis Eidolon
    Freeps: Underiall(Hunter), Undertroll(Captain), Underburg(Burglar), Underyou(Rune-Keeper), Underborn(Lore-Master), Underthreefeet(Warden), Deathmini(Minstrel), UnderLove(Guardian)




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