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    Gnomes Horse Race 2013

    Get your horses fed, rested and cleaned!


    The Gnomes Horse Race 2013!

    This year we'll be making the race public for everyone to join and the race will be held in the North Downs!

    Starting point will be the burned town of Trestlebridge and the finish line will be the path to Angmar in the back of the Hillmen camp Ost Crithlanc (7.6S 35W).
    If you look at the map of the North Downs you'll see there's a few ways people can travel.
    Remember that you don't have to be out of level range with the enemies (45+ will give you free passage) but it will make things easier!

    Will you be the fastest and get a place in our Hall of Gnomes as Top Gnome in the race of 2013?
    Everyone is welcome to sign up and join in the race!

    Signing up can be done by sending an ingame mail to Thranthir with the entry fee and the name of the character that will participate.

    Rules for the Gnomes Horse Race

    Date/time: June 29, 9.30pm CET!
    Area: North Downs
    Starting point: Trestlebridge
    Finish: Ost Critlanc (7.6S 35W)
    Required horse: Any as long as it's max speed is 62%
    Entry Fee: 10 Gold coins (please send the entry fee to Thranthir when you sign up)

    First prize:
    • 55% of the total entry fees with a minimum of 55g
    • 5 Sturdy Steel Keys
    • 2 suprise gifts!

    Second prize:
    • 30% of the total entry fees with a minimum of 30g
    • 2 Sturdy Steel Keys
    • 1 suprise gift!

    Third prize:
    • 10% of the total entry fees with a minimum of 10g
    • 1 Sturdy Steel Key

    • Use of traveling skills, speed boosts or stable masters is not allowed and will be seen as cheating, players caught cheating will be disqualified from the race.
    • Each participant has to be in a raid that's being lead by one of the Gnome officers during the whole race, the officers will keep an eye on everyone upholding the rules and are allowed to take action when required.
    • By signing up a participant agrees that he/she understands these rules and accepts them

    Geändert von Thranthir (20.06.2013 um 08:30 Uhr)

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    n1, may be there

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    What a blast it was!

    The race started off a bit late but we had a good group of 12 racers participating!
    No cheaters were found except there have been some complaints from the residents of Trestlebridge they're missing a bunch of pies from their shop.. whoever took them.. I hope they were good..

    The winners of the Gnomes Horse Race 2013 are...

    First place.. winner of 85.25 gold coins, 5 sturdy steel keys, a crystal of remembrance and a riddermark lootbox...
    Dorowine of the Fellowship of Guardians! Congratulations Doro! Well done..

    Runner up on second place.. winner of 46.5 gold coins, 3 sturdy steel keys, a tarnished symbol of celebrimbor and a Relic removal scroll...
    Rucagorn of the Fellowship of Guardians! Congratulations Ruca! Well done to you too..

    Third place... winner of 15.5g, 1 sturdy steel key and 1x Tome of Extraordinary Experience..
    Arnenna of The Guardians of Middle Earth! Congratulations Arne! Good job

    All the other racers did their best and hopefully won't be to bummed about not winning..
    We hope everyone had a good time and we'll love to see you all next time!

    Greets Thranthir

    P.S. Below are a few quick screens I managed to take while checking up on all the racers.

    More images here

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    Was great fun friend, cheers to you & your kin to get it going
    Got some very good laughs :P
    A smooth & fun race, hope more to come

    A few screens here if interested (LOTRO forums have a limit)


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    South Africa
    Nice work guys, looks like everyone had a blast
    Maybe we can look into more events like this in the future. I for one would be keen to have events that don't concern questing or combat, to give a little variety to our characters' lives
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