Gratz Elle and Everborn and all recent rankers

Re the war tabs. Yes this is what points from Pve as well as the Buffs (keeps and Dof) do to them, which is to inflate the points and water down the stats to such an extent that a rank 11 war tab of a fairly new PVP'er has pretty much the same stats of an olden days rank 7 tab, and done in the same amount of time with the same amount of kills/KBs etc, as a rank 7 of old. It has much the same look to it as my rank 7 Grd's tab. Not to impugn the achievement of reaching that rank at all, just saying that it is so much quicker to rank now than it once was. A rank 11 tab pre Buffs and Pve took a couple of years or more, around 30k-50k+ kills, and probably around 10k killing blows. That would be about average for a DPSing class.

I feel the same way regarding my freeps. It took a lot more effort once upon a time to level up, to quest, acquire deeds, and achieve what could be achieved. Much of the challenge in lotro has gone, or has been heavily downgraded. Some may not agree at all, and that's fine, but it's how I feel. The current state of affairs is all turbine's fault for excessively (across the board) dumbing down their game.