Greetings Silverlode!

"Tor" here from Strayhold. Blackhawk introduced me as Tornwyn in his Vanguard Lite announcement thread. I would like to invite any level 50-54 toons to participate in our latest VGL event this Saturday, June 1 at 4pm Est. Last weekend we successfully completed Urugarth on level and next up will be Carn Dum.

You can sign up at this link:

You will need to register on our site to sign up for this or any VGL events.

The event lists openings for up to 12 people so if we get enough folks we can create 2 or more groups to run.

Please try to login 15 mins early and bring pots, foods and anything else you would normally bring to an instance run.

I hope to see you there!

Jeremy (Tor)