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    Shadowed Nobility - Recruitment Thread

    Welcome To Shadowed Nobility


    Shadowed Nobility is a family friendly Kinship who has been gaming together for six years and enjoys exploring all that Middle Earth has to offer in a social, friendly, and drama free environment.

    We are a casual raiding Kinship who promote camaraderie and community above all and pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful attitude towards fellow kinnies and the Lord of The Rings Online Community located on Elendilmir.

    Currently, we are looking to add to our player base with skilled and knowledgeable players for our weekly raid and Tier II progression nights.

    Things that we as a Kinship offer you:

    •Ventrilo Access
    •Website & Forum Access
    •Weekly Raid Nights
    •Knowledgeable Player Base
    •Calendar of Nightly Events

    Currently we are accepting Lore-Masters, Burglars, and Healers (Minstrels and Rune-Keepers) who are confident and up for the challenge of Tier II content.

    So if you are 18 years of age or older and you think that this is the Kin for you, please contact us in game.

    If interested you can contact the following Kinship Officers via ingame tell:

    • Lyneowyn / Scruffynerfherder
    • Billium / Gingerbread
    • Cementarri / Rubaline
    • Saloridor / Nacara

    We thank you for your time and hope to see you in game soon!

    Shadowed Nobility Website

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