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    EU Timezone Raid Kin - ASSEMBLE!!!

    Hey Crickhollow!

    Just to let you know about a new raid kin forming up on this wondrous server! Sons of Europe is a new kin, with the goal of regularly raiding endgame instances at a time sensible for GMT/CET etc, so that if you want to raid regularly and seriously on Crickhollow and live in Europe, you don’t have to rely on PUGs or late night groups.

    Initially this will be a raid kin, so we’re looking for level cap characters that can commit to raiding as part of a tight group regularly. This isn’t to say that we won’t ever open up and become a more general social kin later on, but the reason for the kinship starting is because we’ve identified a similar need for an EU-timezone raid group, and want to be able to focus on and succeed at that goal initially.

    You don’t have to be a EU resident to join - if you’re Australian and want to raid in the middle of the night, or if in the middle of the day if you’re American, that’s great – our raids would be starting up at 1 or 2 pm servertime, so if that’s when you’d like to raid, we could well be the place for you.

    If you’re interested, please get in touch with Hehir, Inggald, Jeremiel or Demhael (or their alts) in game for more information or to apply to join. We’re looking for a good attitude, a willingness to raid the most challenging content in game, a willingness to listen and learn, and a willingness to step up and work out raid tactics along with other kinmembers. Hope to hear from you soon

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    You can count on use to assist if you ever need a few numbers.

    *Bob approved*
    Razor // Lusitanius // Crickhollow ~ Portuguese Kinship //

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    I might be interested, depends on how my RL works out.

    Find me on Steam and ESO, same name.

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    Croatia, Split
    We're searching for Lm and another cappy for end game raids (upd 10). Look up Hehir, Inggald or our guildlaunch for more info. Cya out there!

    *Shapheelz, r10 defiler (Crickhollow)
    *Shapslay, r5 reaver (Crickhollow)
    *Riabo, r9 warden (Crickhollow)
    *Runvat, runekeeper (Crickhollow)




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