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    I'm going back on topic


    Burglar: Sycarius, Olathronn
    Captain: Ayleth
    Champion: Aktis
    Guardian: Threndinir
    Hunter: Atador, Jonp, Vapt
    Loremaster: Nelgor, Ashtarsheram
    Minstrel: Torqky, Minie
    Runekeeper: Bobekov, Kraumbro, Malandriel
    Warden: Evogrin, Yellowcake


    Blackarrow: Donvlad
    Defiler: Xik
    Reaver: Jasiak
    Warleader: Shapcidrat, Crygin
    Weaver: Veenom, Saenanthra
    Keorl of Arkenstone - 115 Captain Rank 10
    Erkenvald of Arkenstone - 100 Hunter Rank 3
    Salvar of Arkenstone - 65 Guardian Rank 2

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    If I had known it was an open invitation I would've popped over to IoJ! I was worried Borken would decline my butt again like here trolo.

    I really wish my server (FA) had more of a presence to step it up to T3 or T2...
    I don't play GW2 you noob
    Borken - Dwarrowdelf
    Alphbork - Firefoot
    Pineapplejuice - E

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    I don't play GW2 since I'm a noob
    [url=http://valorguild.org]Join the Valor (form. Ainur) Cross-Gaming Community![/url]

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    Reaver: Nerd







    Champ:aktis,damallion good glory champ








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    captain :supporting healing meat
    hunter : sheythemoose
    guardian :shield meat
    champion :aktis
    loremaster gall (he looks like gandalf)
    burger/burglar : invisible maggoty meat
    runekeeper : stone meat
    warden : evo
    mini.. : healing meat

    reaver : maggoty meat
    black arrow : donvlad
    warleader : shap (because i take private lessions how to fly)
    spider : spidawrg
    warg : slime eater (iorynn)
    delifer : thecure
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    Best of ACTIVE players. (update)

    Best Freeps:
    Captain: None.
    Warden: Evogrin.
    Burglar: Xanaiax.
    Rune Keeper: Xellor.
    Champion: Aktis.
    Glory Champ: Damallon.
    Loremaster: Nelgor.
    Guardian: None.
    Hunter: None.
    Minstrel: Torqky.

    Best Creeps:
    Defiler: Xik.
    Warleader: Shapcidrat.
    Reaver: Rayzr and Nerd.
    Blackarrow: Aurshi and Donvlad.
    Weaver: Razztoxin.
    Spiderwarg: Veenom.

    -Few that I've noticed improving, better than most, but not yet to be considered the bests.
    LM: Gallanhael
    Hunter: Vapt
    WL: Gartharg
    Warg: Gamblelaw

    Forums slow lately, so decided to update this. I was a tough judge this time around. Only picked the bests. If no one stood out to me, picked (none). Will re-update if I missed anyone. No comment on wargs.

    Good bye to all those leaving lotro will be missed. Aurshi and Atador, you will play gw2 with me, no qq.

    Less than three ~ <3
    Commander, Thunderboltz Thunderclawz Honeynutcheerios Ifarmfantos, The Elite, Warlord, King of Flayer Root, Son of Iorynn, Father of Evogash.
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    Best Freeps:
    Captain: Forgot his name but it starts with a B lol
    Warden: Havent seen any
    Burglar: Xanaiax i guess?
    Rune Keeper: Xellor
    Champion: Damallon
    Loremaster: Zubby, Morefire, Sno
    Guardian: Havent really seen any
    Hunter: jonp
    Minstrel: Torqky is the only one i see lol

    Best Creeps:
    Defiler: Xik!!!!!!!!!
    Warleader: Shapcidrat. Fantleader.................... ... ;D
    Reaver: Rayzr
    Blackarrow: Donvlad.
    Weaver: too many to pick
    Warg: Thunder!!!!!!

    Sorry if i spelt your name wrong qqq

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    Zitat Zitat von Fantos Beitrag anzeigen
    Best Freeps:
    Captain: Forgot his name but it starts with a B lol
    Warden: Havent seen any
    Burglar: Xanaiax i guess?
    Rune Keeper: Xellor
    Champion: Damallon
    Loremaster: Zubby, Morefire, Sno
    Guardian: Havent really seen any
    Hunter: jonp
    Minstrel: Torqky is the only one i see lol

    Best Creeps:
    Defiler: Xik!!!!!!!!!
    Warleader: Shapcidrat. Fantleader.................... ... ;D
    Reaver: Rayzr
    Blackarrow: Donvlad.
    Weaver: too many to pick
    Warg: Thunder!!!!!!

    Sorry if i spelt your name wrong qqq
    erm... Fantos.... you forgot the "spiderwarg" class....

    The Fungus-Infested-Tumor-Ridden-Royal-Spiderwarg has come online.
    First r12 Spiderwarg. - Veenom

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    Pickerington/Nelsonville ohio
    Zitat Zitat von Cardal Beitrag anzeigen
    Just thought I would share my truthful and 100% unbiased view point.


    Captain: Fainthar
    Warden: Thalendrin
    Burglar: Smifro
    Hunter: Starburrst
    RK: Belvelgar, Raining, Ithilius
    Champion: Gromfeng
    Loremaster: Sno, Zubzubziggywiggy
    Mini: Immune, Lunchboxe
    Guardian: Cardal


    defiler: toxitica
    Warleader: cropboss, cropchief
    Reaver: cropa-d, cropqq, cropx-z, crop1-4, crop69, crop420, cropgasm
    Blackarrow: owly
    Weaver: razztoxin
    Warg: roudy
    This made me LoL
    Sylidor, you were the best raid leader freepside, we all love and miss you. R.I.P.

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    Best Active Players In My Opinion:


    Burglar: Nefandus/Bugaburglar
    Captain: Bromton/Presadas
    Champion: Aktis
    Hunter: tough to choose since i dont see many, but Jonp
    Minstrel: Minie
    Loremaster: Ashtarsherman/Nelgor
    Runekeeper: Xellor
    Warden: Evogrin/Yellowcake

    Defiler: Xik
    Warleader: Shapcidrat/Thalu your doing great
    Reaver: Rayzr/Nerdpowerheadshoot
    Blackarrow: Donvlad
    Weaver: Veenom
    Spiderwarg: Veenom
    Warg: Iorynn/Thunderboltz

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    Burg: Annessen
    Captain: Presdas
    Champ: Aktis
    Hunter: Jonp/Welthrop
    Minstrel: Lunchboxe
    Loremaster: Ash
    RK: Kraumbro
    Warden: Evogrin

    Filer: Xik
    WL: Thalu/shap
    Reaver: Jas
    BA: Aurshi
    Weaver: Saenathra
    Warg: Thunderboltz

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    we losing all the good players D: no more syc,cry,ola and more D: QQ

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    Ive got a few names now after these nice fights.

    Burg: uhh xan i guess
    Captain: Presdas
    Champ: neo
    Hunter: vapt
    Minstrel: Minie
    Loremaster: Ash
    RK: Kraumbro, lyth
    Warden: yellow

    Filer: Xik!!!!
    WL: Garth
    Reaver: Jas, ray
    BA: Luggy, Don
    Weaver: Saenathra
    Warg: Io (zevanub) and her partner in crime ironic is doing work too.

    Again sorry if i spell your name wrong

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    over the past few days maybe

    spider- Veenom
    warleader- Thalu and Gartharg
    blackarrow - donVlad
    defiler - Nubhealer
    Warg- Iorynn
    cappy - cant remember name
    mini - minie/uwish
    guard - cant remember name
    champ - cant remember name
    hunter - welthrop
    warden - evogrin
    rk - Kraumbro
    lm - nelgor
    Shapcidrat SoM-RoR

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    Gda?sk PL
    bump bump bump

    freeps judge by the fights they are giving me solo mostly

    Burg: Xan/Annassen - havent seen xan lately, Annassen is always good opponent to fight agains. also would like to mention Ohpra and his 1;15slow cheer
    Captain: Presdas - he know why. seems to know how to fight against poor reavers
    Champ: meh wanna see Aktis more, cus hes really baddas. lately im seeing some fake champions that even with glory are going to fight with me only with accompaniment with some npcs which is cute . have to admit that global with his p2w everything is fun to watch lool. Also im always laughin when i see champs sprinting from tr to gv when they are gettin ganked, its sweet : D
    Hunter: no doubt welthrop. jonp dying too fast
    Minstrel: Minie, spamming heals too fast
    Loremaster: Ash, and lol gall. but meh every lms is spamming waterlore these days
    RK: healing is kraum/lyth. always seems to be a tough mission to take down these 2, dps rks is still xellor even if hes on vacation for a while
    Warden: evogrin and jak. its always pleasure to get cjed by jak
    Guard: meh not much lately, mostly guardians are low rank and traited for tankikng in the moors wtffff.

    Filer: Filers dont heal me dunno why Scalpel i think, and ofc Dargazagazg or whatever burgzerg is nice defiler
    WL: thalu/shap. garth has potato dps so meh
    Reaver: Kamikazee/ray and lately peeper (grats on r9). go go go ray for ur bunny ears
    BA: Luggy - donvlad.
    Weaver: Saenathra (for kb stealing) and veenom ( for kb stealing)
    Warg: ioryyn and ironic - zanoz/nellami deadly duos in the moors

    wtb less champions glory traited, more squishy hunters,lms, fire rks, dps guardians and red wardens.
    also more filers/ and spiders. its always fun to see spiderpack - looks like a 8legged-tanks cavalry lol
    Overlord Jasiak Pokurw, Farmer of Froobz
    r7 BA
    r6 Champ

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    Zitat Zitat von Jasthelion Beitrag anzeigen

    wtb less champions glory traited, more squishy hunters,lms, fire rks, dps guardians and red wardens.
    also more filers/ and spiders. its always fun to see spiderpack - looks like a 8legged-tanks cavalry lol
    I only use my fat guardian for PVE, but if you miss my fat rk that much, i can bring him again Jas.

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    CT, USA
    Ok guys here goes


    Burglar: Anessen. No, not Annaessen, Anesen, Annessen, Annesan... Anessen. Speel it wright guize. Itz an eezy name
    Captain: Presdas
    Champion: The only stance usable on Dwarrowdelf apparently in the moors is Glory so I'm going to go with the best glory champ which is Damallon
    Hunter: Welthrop, no questions asked
    Minstrel: Minie or Uwish. Or both grouped. They bring hell to creeps when they come out. qqnomorekillsqq
    Loremaster: All rely on waterlore too heavily. Best non-water lore reliant LM is Nelgor when he comes out. Best waterloring LM is Ashtarsheram
    Runekeeper: I notice a lot of the real good RKs don't come out consistently, so I'm just going to go with the god of all dorfkind. Zepphyr
    Warden: Evogrin and Jak


    Defiler: Scalpel and Dargazagazg. Both not afraid to heal those who need help out of group
    Warleader: Gartharg was hard to kill when I 1v1'd him, and of course good ole Shapcidrat
    Reaver: A shout out to my reaver's daddy, Peeper
    Blackarrow: Ragrish, Donvlad, and Luggy
    Razztoxin, Saenanthra, and Veenom
    Warg: Iorynn (and her partner ._.), Karmezi- I give up.

    I would just like to take special note of Razzgash/ragrish/razztoxin, etc.. you are doing a great job out there man, I think you are one of the most underrated creeps on this server and I dont know why I don't see your name on these lists more often.
    See you guys
    First Marshal Aenise - Level 115 Burglar
    Member of Situational Awareness http://situational-awareness.net/
    Check out my PvMP videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZV...fuVom6u7V9nDtw

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    Outta my recent moors experiences:


    Burg: Anessen without a doubt, also Xanaiax when he comes out
    Captain: Don't see many out consistently but I'd say either Presdas or Bromton
    Champ: Haven't seen many good ones out lately, but I'll go with Damallon
    Guard: Honestly haven't seen any good ones out (I miss Thren QQ)
    Hunter: Welthrop without a doubt, Atador is great when he comes out (They also make a nasty duo that will make any creep run away in fear)
    LM: Ash without a doubt, along with Nelgor when he comes out
    Minstrel: Uwish and Minie hands down. Both have insane heals and aren't afraid to DPS
    RK: Unfortunately I haven't seen any good ones out recently
    Warden: Evogrin and Jak, always


    Blackarrow: Hard to tell legit good ones with all the P2W going on, but probably Donny and Ragrish
    Defiler: Scalpel or Xik
    Reaver: Rayzr or Peeper
    Warleader: Shap or Thalu, damn good all around
    Weaver: Saenanthra (hope I spelled it right), Razztoxin, and Veenom. So many Spiders P2Wing recently as well.
    Warg: Iorynn and Ironic/ Zanoz and Nellami are damn good in pairs. Best solo are probably Karm and Razzgash. Still think Thunder is all time best though
    [Jonp - Rank 11 Hunter] [Garaluk - Rank 9 Reaver]

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    Warg: .... Errr... Razzgash i would have to say although Ioronic and Ioryn are total @#$#@$ when grouped.

    Defiler: forgot who i have been seeing a lot out lately its a lower ranked one .... &&&&........ILL EDIT THIS !!!!

    Warleader: Thalu .... Madaz... and the random 200 other wls around them. yea i dont particularly like when i have to go through 15000000 wl bubbles so these guys get the job done when it comes to annoying freeps.

    Reaver. Jasaik... hes an <insert vulgar word or sentence here> he deserves every little bit of cj in the world and maybe BRANDYWINE COULD SWITCH OVER FOR A DAY AND PITCH IN TO THAT AS WELL! ILL JUMP ON YOUR ANCESTAS DING DOODLY DAW GRAVE!

    Weaver: This is another one that particularly anoys the living &&&& outta me because he stuns me for like 15 years WHEN IM NOT EVEN HITTING HIM I MEAN CMON REF WHERES THE CALL!?!?!?!!... its a lower ranked one too and i forgot WILL EDIT THIS ONE

    Black Arrow: ....ok i would but.... yea.... every single one pops evade after one-three hits so no thanks... get some skill stop hiding in evade i dunno Bas just really suck and i dont even target them anyways unless i have to

    Sorry BA's D:

    Champion: They all run in glory now i dont really understand so um ... ill get back to this

    Captian: Bromton only one i seen out consistently and knows when to pop SOTD on his fellow crazy warden pushing way to far out. which is some EPIC @#$%!!!!!!!

    Loremaster: AshTaRAShurBEEnsTalkingUpMYA.. ....... ok i dont know how to spell his name... whatever!!!! hes really good. been grouping with him past week and really good leader and target assist !!!


    Minstrel: So uwish i DO wish. is a friggen amazing healer. pulls off healing through the craziest &&&& ive seen ON THIS SIDE OF THE MISsiSsIPPAY!!!!! so WA BAYM!!!! Your aWEsome!!!

    Runekeeper: None really plays consistentely out there as this class huh i dunno maybe tanar since we crash all the fail 1v1 &&&& that goes on !!!!!!

    Hunter: I would have to say atador but then again any hunter that goes wandering past gv solo is pretty much OP AS @$@#.

    Burg: Burgies ... burrgies burrrgies burgies... well. I think that there are 3 MAIN ones i like but if i was to choose one.... im only gonna say this name once! every other time its Boogerx2 but yes. Bugaburgler is by far my favorite burg in the moors.
    Like i wont even know hes around and im being chased about to die... he shows up outta nowhere didnt announce he was out or even send a tell to me he was next to me and kill like 2 things chasing me. Seriously funniest &&&& gets pulled off by this guy.

    Warden: Well evo definitely brings the pain. I seriously dont know why you creeps dont target him. HE RUNS AROUND WITH 9-10k MORALE TARGET HIM STOP ALWAYS TARGETTING ME AND KILL HIS A!@#$% THE DANG HOBBIT THROWS STICKS GET HIM BOYS!@#!@#@!#
    Dwarrowdelf: R12 Warden Jak\ R8 Minstrell Amoxx\ R10 Runekeeper Smellslike\ R9 reaver Martiall\ R10 Defiler Tussin-1
    Crickhollow: R12 Defiler Tussinn\ R10 Reaver Martiall\ R10 Warg Superiorskill

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    Burg: Anessen and Bugaburgler Great burgs even though I will just be getting ready to drop a heal on them and they will go stealth and my heal will not target them anymore so it is wasted. lol
    Captain: Bromtom and Presda
    Champ: Damallon
    Guard: Honestly Henbeyn is the only one I can remember. I'm sure there are others. (I spend a lot of time staring at green bars so I miss a lot that is going on around me lol)
    Hunter: Welthrop , Atador, Jonp even though he needs to work on his mitigations because he is really squishy and hard to keep up when being focused
    LM: Ashtarsherem and Nelgor and Fierce is a tough LM also
    Minstrel: Minie because she saves my bacon more times then I can count Thank you Minie
    RK:Lyth for her healing and timely bubble's
    Warden: Evogrin and Jak. Glad to see you back also Evo


    Blackarrow: Ragrish,Luggy when he's out
    Defiler: Scalpel Xik
    Reaver: Rayzr, Peeper (Curse your -50 healing debuff)
    Warleader: Shap Garth Thalu are great WL's and I enjoy jumping up and down with Garth in the thick of battle
    Weaver: BlackEomen, Razztoxin, and Veenom. So disruptive to healers...
    Warg: Iorynn and Ironic and Razzgash. Somehow Ior and Ironic always seem to catch me running back from rez and send me back there again.

    Discaimer... I am sure there are a lot of other players that I could mention but honestly I am terrible with name's and I have tunnel vision when focusing on filling green bars that creeps seem to want to empty all the time. Enjoy playing with and against you all. And thanks to all the other freeps that come to my rescue also, Sometimes its hard to say thanks ingame with a lot of action going on.
    ~~ Knashbash, Pondslime, Haiter

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    Zitat Zitat von guitarguy12410 Beitrag anzeigen
    Warg: Iorynn and Ironic/ Zanoz and Nellami are damn good in pairs. Best solo are probably Karm and Razzgash. Still think Thunder is all time best though

    Aww Jonp, Thanks for the compliment man, truly means a lot. My wargie days certainly will be missed.

    Btw you have greatly improved as a hunter yourself, all that patience paid off, huh? As the Elitest Warg, (next to Mama Warg of course), I apologize in behalf of all wargs, but...but... bacon tastes so good! :O

    I also just noticed Thunder was mentioned on here a few times before by other peeps, so thanks for the <3

    Less than three~ Thunder
    Geändert von mgm1o1 (30.01.2013 um 17:56 Uhr)

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    First off I'm offended I am being categorized with all these lowly spiders. I am a spiderwarg!!!! (j/k ofc ;P)



    <Captains> Brom and Pres seem to always be out there working hard for their fellows.

    <Minstrels> Minie and Uwish are very good healers in groups, can be a big pain to take down.

    <RKs> Haven't really seen any dps rks that have been out consistently, but as for healers Lyth is good, few others i might add in here if i can remember their names at some point...

    <LMs> Almost no LMs in the moors know how to play anymore without spamming water-lore it seems.... Nelgor is excellent when he's out, props to Ash and Gall though.

    <Hun-tards> Welth is doing very well these days, Ata as always is great when he's out (even if he does play a little noobish sometimes :P ), Jonp isn't doing so bad either.

    <Champs> Wtb non-glory champs back. Damallon is the best as far as glory goes however.

    <Burgs> Anessen hands down. Really the only good burg left (Xan is good but I don't see him out too much anymore).

    <Warden> Evo and Jak. 'nuff said.

    <Guards> Well..... derp.


    <BAs> Luggy, Ragrish, Don

    <Filers> Scalpel, Darzagzgazgazgazgagzgagagagzga gzgzgag (burzerg's filer), and Xik (haven't seen him on filer much lately though).

    <WLs> Shap. Garth and Thalu are also doing great though!

    <Reavers> Jasiak, Burgzerg, Kami, Rayzr, and Peeper.

    <Wargs> Ior and Iro, Zan and Nell, Karm, and Razz are all great wargs. (R.I.P. Thunder00tz)

    <Weavers> Saenanthra, Razztoxin (very fast learner and excellent player), and Blackomen.

    <Spiderwargs> I have yet to find a relative.

    These are the top of late, but there are many new(er) players starting to rank up, or even some that have already been around for a little bit that are improving, so it'll be very interesting to see who is added to the list in the future...
    Geändert von Skii (30.01.2013 um 17:59 Uhr) Grund: Adding more ppls names I forgot...
    The Fungus-Infested-Tumor-Ridden-Royal-Spiderwarg has come online.
    First r12 Spiderwarg. - Veenom

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    Haven't been out much due to college but when I do log on in the evenings;

    Burglar: Anessen/Xan
    Captain: Presdas
    Champion: All glory, those that do dps usually do a poor job at it and die within seconds. WTB Karoc.
    Guardian: Same as above, just see guards that come out to ''tank'' the creeps. :P WTB Threndinir.
    Hunter: Welthrop. Ata and Welth duo are a pain as well. {mumbles about tracks} ^^
    Lore-master: They're all water-lore babies, but I think Nelgor/Ash handle themselves better when water-lore has been silenced from their use.
    Minstrel: Minie/Uwish {insert QQ here} <3
    Runekeeper: dps; Tanar - healing; Lyth/Kraum
    Warden: Evogrin/Jak are the only wardens on this server that will dps apparently :P

    Blackarrow: Luggy/Ragrish/DV
    Defiler: SCALPEL! {You save my freep magnet bum more times than I can count <3}
    Reaver: Rayzr/Peeper/Jasiak come to mind
    Warg: Ironic/Karme-longname/Razzgash {Miss you Thunder :'( </3}
    Warleader: Shapcidrat
    Weaver: Razztoxin, Saenanthra
    Spiderwarg: Veenom

    Probably forgot a couple people or misspelled someone's name so don't chop my tail off, I need that for balance.
    <3 Io
    Geändert von amandatheelf (31.01.2013 um 23:41 Uhr)
    [color=hotpink]Deetour r12 WL. Iorynn-1 r13 drunk Warg.[/color] [color=lightblue]Zeyrah r10 lag RK.[/color] {[color=hotpink]Victorious Secret.[/color] [color=lightblue]Skill and Valour.[/color]}

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    United States
    aww Iorynn, all the rks that go to the moors love you too :P

    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    Zitat Zitat von Pivik Beitrag anzeigen
    aww Iorynn, all the rks that go to the moors love you too :P
    Tanar, I haven't seen you out in awhile til today QQ. I guess I should edit my list now ;o
    [color=hotpink]Deetour r12 WL. Iorynn-1 r13 drunk Warg.[/color] [color=lightblue]Zeyrah r10 lag RK.[/color] {[color=hotpink]Victorious Secret.[/color] [color=lightblue]Skill and Valour.[/color]}


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