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    Fansite help requested

    I am a long time writer of LOTRO fanfic short stories. I've spent most of my time posting them to my blog here on lotro and advertising them on my server/server PVP sections. I'm sure all two of the actual readers are very happy to get the posts, but I've often wondered if there is a real place that lotro fans can post their fanfic. Lots of mine deal with the humorous side of what goes on out there, though i'm doing more serious stuff lately.

    I have a huge one I'm working on for NaNoWriMo this year and just wondered if there is a place to let others see it. If not, please be kind. I've hit pretty much the end of my rope with all the troll attacks and if this ends up in another flood i'm gonna give up on this completely.

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    The Perilous Realm
    You might submit it to Casual Stroll to Mordor. They post player written stories occasionally.
    [URL="https://sarahmccabemythopoet.wordpress.com/"][COLOR=#b22222]Falling Toward Mythopoesis[/COLOR][/URL][COLOR=#ffd700]~[/COLOR] My personal blog.

    [URL="https://lotromusic.wordpress.com/"][COLOR=#008080]LOTRO Music[/COLOR][/URL][COLOR=#ffd700]~[/COLOR] ABCs, guides and resources for the compleat LOTRO musician.

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    Blackadder! Long time, no see.

    I'd be happy to host it on Ssenir's LOTRO Library, although it might not have the exposure that it would elsewhere. =)
    Check out my [URL=https://www.youtube.com/welsknightgaming]Youtube Gaming Channel[/URL]!

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    If they are PvP related, I suggestion you start a blog at the daily stats site which is devoted to PvMP matters of LOTRO (register for an account and you'll see Add a Blog)





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