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    Matching your mount

    Two of my very favourite things about LOTRO are a) the stunning variety of mounts, and b) the ability to put together a wide range of cosmetic outfits for your character. But what I really love is combining these two things! Maybe it's just that I'm anal, or OCD, but I really, really love designing my outfit to match the horse I'm using at the moment. It also makes me twitch to be wearing colours that jar with those of my horse. >_>;; (Yeah, probably OCD.)

    However, I'm sure I can't be the only one out there. Why don't we share some screenshots of our favourite mounts, and outfits we've either deliberately designed, or stumbled upon, which seem to complement them? I'll start off with a screenshot of my Huntress on her Pale Golden Summer Steed, in some threads I put together for the express purpose of looking good while I canter around on his back.

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    However, I'm sure I can't be the only one out there.
    here I am!
    not always so easy as f2p player, I'd like to buy all rep mounts, some are very beautiful, but need lot of gold
    soon some screenshot

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    You're not the only one though my first was unintentional. This was cross posted in the Favorite Costumes thread. I remembered I had the horse hours after I made the costume. Since then I've made a couple more, but no good pictures yet. With a total of 32 horses and an unlimted amount of dyes, there will be more, it's finding just the right costume pieces that are my problem. LOL and this isn't including Rohan.


    PS: I don't think you're OCD, everything just looks a bit more polished if it seems to go together. It always throws me a bit off seeing someone in a well thought-out costume, and a really cool horse, but they don't look great together.
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    I generally feel like matching outfits to non-customizable mounts holds me back; that said I do acknowledge the appeal of that kind of challenge to other folks. I recently attempted to (with the qualifier "some intent") match various green Rohirric outfits to the steed of the Eastmennet. I quickly abandoned that for my Rohirric Warden: Skirmisher and my Rohirric Loremaster (coming next week). EDIT: I reckon I'll see how that skirmisher outfit looks with the Eastemnet Warsteed dyed Rivendell green, if I can do that.

    I'm on foot most of the time anyway, running instances and raids.

    However, I absolutely will jump on the opportunity use a steed that just-so-happens to look good with an existing outfit, like the black and red Moria goat + any ToO armor based outfit, or my Hill Warden outfit + the Eglain steed.

    With the advent of customizable warsteeds, I expect my relationship with the concept of matching outfits to steeds will change a bit. Instead of not trying too hard, I'll make an effort (and probably spend too much doing so) to match steeds to outfits.
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    Rechart, Warden
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    Yep, I do this.

    My pirate-y outfit, matched to the Eriador world renowned steed.

    My Mathom Society outfit.

    And my completely-the-opposite-of-camouflage Lossoth outfit, with the Elf Ambassador steed.

    I have 25-ish mounts at the moment and I lament that there is not enough slots to have a matching outfit for each one.

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    All the time. My latest was for the Lossoth steed:

    More pictures here.
    [url=http://ponyloversanonymous.wordpress.com/]Pony Lovers Anonymous[/url]
    Matching outfits to the steeds of Middle-Earth

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    Hah! Glad to see so many kindred spirits

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    I have 25-ish mounts at the moment and I lament that there is not enough slots to have a matching outfit for each one.
    Those are lovely! I particularly like what you did with the Mathom Society steed, I've often despaired of finding something to match it's particular colour combination. And hah, I totally have outfits customized to my favourite steeds bound to my slots, so I can switch in a jiff to match whatever I'm riding.

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    More pictures here.
    Your blog <3 I love eeeeet.

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    I'm so glad you started this thread, Tamasha! I especially love your huntress and Elyara's Mathom outfit. I have also recently acquired a Lossoth cloak, and it occurred to me that it would look good dyed to match my Symbelmyne steed - not a horse I'd usually associate with the harsh weather of Forochel, but she works well I think
    That is absolutely lovely. The Simbelmyne steed is so unique, but you got the sea-blue and rose of the cloak to match it perfectly! Kudos for that; I would personally never have thought of it.




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