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    searching for logon server... BIG PROBLEM how can i fixed it?

    Today i decided to play lotro.(There has been a long period since my last played).
    The new update (6) was available so i download it.
    After this i signed in my account and i joined in the server which i prefer.
    Then i saw this "searching for logon server (attempt 1/20)".
    When it reached attempt 20 a message appeared "connection failed.client timed out the connection".

    I searched about this problem and i found something about the firewall.
    I did everything,I add lotroclient.exe and the turbineLauncher.exe to the firewall but the problem didn't solved.
    Before the update there wasn't this problem.
    Something else that i found is the ports.The problem is that i have access point (TP-link) and not a router so i can't open ports.
    I love this game and i'm very sad with this,i must solve it.
    Can anyone help me?

    Thank's and sorry for my english...
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    Re: searching for logon server... BIG PROBLEM how can i fixed it?

    Can somenone help him???
    He is my friend and he love this game as much as I do!!!
    Help him please!!!!
    He follow the instructions writen here: http://support.turbine.com/ics/suppo...questionID=570 but he can't do anything.

    I read that many people have the same problem but they can't find any way to fix it.
    Do you know if a update or a fix has been released ???

    Help Please!!!

    Theank you...

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    The Netherlands

    Re: searching for logon server... BIG PROBLEM how can i fixed it?

    First of all... turn off your firewall (and possible virus software) completely (make sure lotro is the only application running on your computer). See if it works... if it does, turn one thing on and check again.

    Only then you can see what is causing the problem and fix the specific issue (or zoom in further).

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    Re: searching for logon server... BIG PROBLEM how can i fixed it?

    Nothing :-( . I performed a boot clean and i turned off the firewall but nothing.Maybe the boot clean is not what you told me?( http://webcache.googleusercontent.co...&ct=clnk&gl=gr ).Is there something else
    that i can do? Please help me.........
    I don't have a virus protect software.

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    well i hope this helps

    hey i feel sorry about youre problem i had the same too i did system recovery too some weeks before after that it worked i hope it will help you ( im so sorry for my bad english )




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