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    Followers of The Way - Rank 8 kinship - is Recruiting!


    Followers of The Way, previously named SoC and Soldiers of Christ, is a growing kinship looking for recruits.

    Within Lord of the Rings Online our goal is to create an inclusive, family friendly, and casual community that allows people to participate in community events and experience content that would otherwise be inaccessible alone. We are attempting to organize regular kinship events on a regular basis. We definitely could use more people to participate! All are welcome!

    We wish everyone involved in our kinship to feel included and welcome. Instant Message or send a piece of in-game mail to any of our officers if you are interested in becoming a kinship recruit. We will set up a time to add you to the kinship.

    Our Kinship Rules, Requirements and Codes of Conduct can be found http://lotro.teamsoc.net/codeofconduct

    Please visit http://lotro.teamsoc.net/crickhollow for updates on Kinship events, kinship blog, kinship stats and kinship pictures.

    Our kinship page also has a link to the Soldiers of Christ LOTRO forums.

    If you wish to check out our sister kinship on Brandywine please visit http://lotro.teamsoc.net/brandywine

    Additionally, you can find information related to our allies, Swords of Light, by clicking on the link at the bottom of our kinship website.

    We are associated with a larger gaming community called Soldiers of Christ which is a Christian online community that focuses on spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through gaming. Our large online community participates in many games aside from just Lord of the Rings Online. We also play games such as MineCraft, StarCraft 2, RuneScape, Halo and Team Fortress 2. More information can be found at http://www.teamsoc.net if interested. If you have questions feel free to stop by our forums, sign up and say hello! The Soldiers of Christ community main forums can be found http://www.teamsoc.net/forums! One can sign up for the forums from this Forum Index page.

    We are planning a server wide party on Crickhollow on Saturday, September 10th, 2011 at 9:00 PM EST at the Bree Festival Grounds! There will be a live band, horse races, fishing contests, fireworks and prizes! We'd love to have you join us!

    We hope to see you in game soon!

    God bless!
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    Faith cannot be measured, Hope cannot be touched and Love cannot be contained.




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